13 Unanswered Questions From The First Season Of Amazon Prime’s ‘The Wilds’

The Wilds is truly a wild ride. It effortlessly tells the story of the girls’ present as well as takes us deep into their personal lives. Each of them have tragic stories that clearly shape them into who they are today, but these stories are never overstated or overly dramatic, and there are still moments of humor despite their circumstances. It’s the perfect dramedy to crash right into. Too soon? Anyway, there is so much drama in each episode that they couldn’t pack it into one season. So, after the finale, there are SO many questions that are left unanswered.


It’s clear that Gretchen vetted these girls from the beginning, but because they are from all over, how did she have national access to their past? If she did it by application process, how did she know these girls were the best ones for her study?

We start to see Shelby crack when she cuts her hair, but what happened between then and the interview that she has no hair and an injured ankle?

It can be assumed that something happens to Rachel and Nora when the shark appears in the water, but we can’t be sure. Rachel *is* missing a hand, which can happen when a shark is around, but it is healed so well. Also, Nora’s story is only told through her diary. Did she die trying to save Rachel? Or when Rachel references that she doesn’t want to talk about her sister, is it because she finds out Nora was the double agent?

Martha’s things are shown, like her frog towel, but there is no sign of her. Did she not make it off of the island?

It’s hard to keep a timeline, but with Shelby still being on crutches but Rachel’s arm being completely healed, how long did it take for Gretchen to intervene?

It becomes clear that the agents are not investigating the crash but rather are in on the study. However, the logistics of keeping these girls separated from their families and literally the rest of the world are mind-boggling. How is it that none of the parents are making a fit about not seeing their daughters?

We’re led to believe that Shelby would want to see Toni after they, you know, fucked under the lychee tree.

We see Dot meeting with Gretchen in a setting that seems like Dot is going to be briefed on the study. But what exactly did Gretchen tell her? And what does Dot agree to?

This is both hypothetical and literal. Like, really, even if in the off chance that the girls make it back to their families without first being rescued by authorities, you’d think that the girls would spill the beans as SOON as they get home. Also, Gretchen is looking to present her results. Does she really think her methods aren’t going to raise some eyebrows?

We’re still not done learning about these girls, how are we supposed to make room for new people?!

Leah has been onto Gretchen since the beginning. Well, maybe not her specifically, but she knows something is amiss. She has already pointed out to the girls that something weird is going on, and even very publicly accused Shelby of being in on it, but with Nora trapping her in a hole, Leah has some hardcore evidence. But when Leah comes back to confront her, Nora runs into the ocean to save Rachel from the shark. So depending on what happens after that, will Leah be like, “sorry about that whole shark thing but guess what Nora just did.” And even if she says something, will the girls believe her or think she is going crazy again?

Shelby *knows* she’s allergic to shellfish. It’s the whole reason she didn’t get food poisoning. So it seems peculiar that just as Leah breaks out of her room, Shelby is in anaphylactic shock with a bowl sitting next to her. Did she set up a diversion for Leah, or was it just a lucky coincidence?

The Wilds

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13 Unanswered Questions From The First Season Of Amazon Prime’s ‘The Wilds’

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