4 Life Changing Lessons I Learned by Starting a Podcast

I had, and still have, a message I want to share with those that will listen. Heck, I am even willing to share it to those that are less than willing to listen. Therefore, I decided to start a podcast. A podcast focused on those that feel like the odds are stacked against them when it comes to venturing into those entrepreneurial waters. Those that have an inner belief that they can do it, but perhaps the people around them are less than enthusiastic about this new journey. 

Nonetheless, these Dark Horses, as I call them, buck the odds and run their own race to reach their own dreams and achieve their own goals. Little did I know that as I launched The Dark Horse Entrepreneur podcast, on a mission to teach others the lessons I have learned in business and in life, that I would be in turn learning even more lessons because of stepping out into the podcast arena.

Here are four of the lessons that I have gain from launching and running podcast:

1. You & your message are worthy of the spotlight

Yes, you heard me right. You and your message are worthy of stepping into the spotlight. There are people out there that need, and even want to hear your message. They want and need to feel inspired by what you have stood victory over, and yes even what you have fallen in defeat to. Your lessons can and will become theirs as you share your story in the hopes of lifting them up and helping them avoid the pitfalls you have looked up from.

2. OMG the relationships

The people you will meet alone are worth all the effort that goes into creating and running your podcast. People that can help move you along your own journey, whether personal or professional. You will gain access to people who have traveled the road you are stepping onto and can help you avoid those potholes and pitfalls. You will gain access to people that are a mile or two behind you that you can help navigate the twists and turns you have just traveled. You can become a connector to some that you are unable to help effectively but know that right person who can! That my friends is a priceless reward.

3. Leave perfectionism at the door

How many times have you said, “I will start when….”  When I have the right microphone.  When I have the right message. When I have the right artwork blah blah blah. If it is in your heart right now; then it is Right…now! I learned to stop stressing about being perfect and just be ME! Oh yeah and I am far from perfect trust me on that one! Heck, I went into my first episode and revealed all my imperfections and blemishes. Go into it knowing it is not going to be perfect. However, it is going to be perfectly fun. Perfectly received and perfectly heard to those that want and need to hear what you have to say.

4. Be you & know that not everyone will like YOU

Be YOU because those haters are going to hate no matter what! However, at the same time, lovers are going to love. I think in the end it is a 50/50 split; okay maybe even 60/40 at times.  So go out there and just be you and make it a goal to have more haters.  Wait…what? Did you read that correctly? Yep, I said have more haters! Why? Because if you have more haters, then as a result you will have more lovers. Go out there, be YOU, share YOU as only YOU can. Let them into your heart, your mind and give them a deep peek into your soul. No else can give that except you! If they hate you for it, so be it. Let them move on to the 999,999 other podcasts out there. However, for the ones that end up loving you, well they are whom you are here for in the first place. Right?

Here is the deal. I am currently only about 3 months into this podcast journey. The lessons have been deep. They are reverberating through my business & me , like the pebble hitting a calm pond. I know there are many lesson ahead. I am ready to take them on and share them with those that will listen.


From hitting the rock bottom of drugs, divorce, bankruptcy and even the death of an 18 month old daughter. To running the planning & marketing departments of some of corporate America’s finest companies to his own company helping driven entrepreneurs, scale their businesses, by crystalizing and monetizing their passions, and now hosting his podcast focused on Driven Dark Horse Entrepreneurs. Tracy Brinkmann, is a business coach, success coach & product creator that realizes life isn’t fair and participation awards do not feed your family (or your drive to succeed)… This Driven Dark Horse Entrepreneur is looking to share all that he has learned and is still learning about starting, restarting, kick starting and stepping up your entrepreneurial game all while not ignoring that amazing tool between your ears! Come get Tracy’s 35 Entrepreneurial Productivity Hacks at DarkHorseSchooling.com or by joining the Facebook Group at DarkHorseSchooling.com/DarkHorseTribe.

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4 Life Changing Lessons I Learned by Starting a Podcast

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