4 Ways to use Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Plant-Based Baby Wipes

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Plant-Based Baby Wipes

“We always recommend moms to use cotton and water for cleaning baby’s soft skin or if they want to use wipes, our 99% Pure Water Plant-Based Baby Wipes are the best alternates for cotton and water – Mother Sparsh”.

That being said, as a new parent, you are constantly trying to juggle with the big addition to your family, anxiety to keep them safe, and the sleepless nights. I am sure you do not want to add clothes full of baby’s soils to the ever-increasing pile of laundry lying around and you are looking for ways to make your life easy. This is when Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Plant-Based Baby Wipes will come in handy for you.

Did you know a 0-3 months old baby requires an average of 40 wipes per day? Although the number decreases as they grow up, I don’t think the need for wipes completely goes away. The chemicals present in most of the wipes and the harsh fabric have been known to cause skin rashes and allergies. In addition, these wipes have a plastic component, they do not decompose easily.

Mother Sparsh has created their plant-based baby wipes using medical-grade fabric to address this very problem of rashes and allergies caused by using regular wipes. These wipes are 3 times thicker with no added fragrance. They soothe irritation and rashes and have prolonged wetness ensuring they are gentle on the skin. And, they are biodegradable ensuring a minimal impact on the environment.

So, let us check out in what all ways can you use these plant-based baby wipes.

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Plant-Based Baby Wipes

1. Wiping Your Baby Clean

You bought the product primarily for that purpose. However, not only can you just wipe their cute little tushies clean, you can use these plant-based baby wipes to clean their hands. Babies and kids are used to putting their fingers constantly in their mouths. Till the time, you veer them off that habit, you can ensure that their fingers are clean so they do not end up putting any bacteria in their mouth. Wipes are a lifesaver while traveling. You can wipe the sticky mess off your kid’s hands and mouth, especially after the meals or a snack or use it to blow their noses when they have a cold or just when they need it.

You should never flush a wet wipe. Always discard them in the bins or in your trash. You can discard them just the way you discard your baby’s nappies.   

2. As a Makeup Remover

Can we use baby wipes to remove makeup? Yes. Just think how soft these plant-based baby wipes would be on your skin if they have been specifically designed for the babies? Wipes are great at removing makeup, especially eye makeup, without being too harsh or tugging the skin too much. Since these wipes are thicker, you would just need one to do the job. You can also fix the makeup mistakes easily without creating a mess or redoing the whole job. Not only can you wipe your kid’s face, but you can also use it as a pick-me-up for yourself as well. Definitely, a great road trip companion.

3. As Disposable Wet Tissues

Well, these plant-based baby wipes are great alternatives for tissue papers. So, next time, you get a cold, try using these wipes instead to prevent the sore nose which we inevitably get because tissues and regular washcloths are too harsh for the skin around the nostrils. Not only that, you can freeze these wipes for 10-15 minutes and use them as a refreshing face mask. A perfect treat for a long tiring day. They work as amazing cooling pads for the eyes. So, next time you stare at the screen too long at work, keep a pack of wet wipes next to you and you will save your eyes a lot of trouble.

4. On Your Sanitizing Station or In Your Pandemic Prevention Kit

Covid is here to stay and it has changed the way people clean up after them and their belongings. These plant-based baby wipes are great single-use products you can use to sanitize all the surfaces you come in contact with without the risk of contagion. The only things you need to do is pour a generous amount of sanitizer on the wipe and wipe off all the surfaces and when you are back home, you can wipe off your bags, wallets, phones, and even door handles and elevator buttons. Just make sure you pour a generous amount of sanitizer and discard them immediately after the job is done.

Did you know you can use these plant-based baby wipes to wipe your pet’s paws after coming from a walk, clean their ears and in general, wipe the dirt off their fur and body to keep them clean in between their baths?

In fact, you can also use these wipes to pick up and clean after your pet goes on their walks or when accidents happen while you are still training them. This will help keep your house and surroundings clean without too much hassle. I am making a conscious choice to shift to eco-friendly brands which is why I am excited about Mother Sparsh’s plant-based baby wipes. They are great tools for cleanliness-freaks and the fact that they are biodegradable makes me feel less guilty about choosing convenience over traditional methods.

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