5 Delectable Party Snacks To Throw Together This New Year’s Eve

Overhead of Charcuterie Board with Fresh Cheese, Meats, Bread, and Fruit

December 30, 2020 — 23:18 PM

Whether you’re drinking champagne in your PJs or dancing around your living room with housemates, the end of 2020 is certainly something to celebrate. Guests or not, all good celebrations deserve a party snack. Here are five of our most delectable bites to start the New Year off right. 

Salmon cakes with avocado chimichurri 

Salmon Cakes with Avocado and Chimichurri

These salmon cakes with avocado chimichurri sauce may appear (and taste) gourmet, but they’re surprisingly simple to create. With potatoes, tinned salmon, and chives, the ingredients are relatively affordable, too. 

Bonus: mbg predicts tinned fish will be the sustainable protein source of 2021, so why wait until midnight to kick off the trend? 

Expertly curated cheese board

Overhead of Charcuterie Board with Fresh Cheese, Meats, Bread, and Fruit

A decked out cheese board is fitting for every occasion, but when hosting only a few or celebrating solo, it’s even better. The combination of cheese, fruit, nuts, crackers, and charcuterie (if you wish), is enough to satiate your hunger without overstuffing before dinner. 

Black Eyed Pea, Pumpkin, and Chickpea Stew

In some traditions, eating black-eyed peas is thought to bring luck and prosperity in the New Year. Since most canned black-eyed peas lack flavor, try this pumpkin, chickpea, and black-eyed pea stew, instead. To keep it “snack-like,” serve mini portions in cups and save the rest for leftovers.

Baked feta with lemon-tahini dressing 

Baked Feta Recipe

Feta is often crumbled on salads or rice bowls as an afterthought, but this baked feta recipe makes the soft, salty cheese the star. Adding chickpeas, kale, and a lemon-tahini dressing enhances the flavor further and provides added nutritional value. Scoop it up on its own, or as a dip with pita or veggies. 

Dairy-free champagne fondue 

5 Delectable Party Snacks To Throw Together This New Year's Eve

What better way to celebrate New Year’s than with champagne and fondue? This plant-based cheese dip mimics dairy in both flavor and texture, while also offering plenty of nutrients through the cauliflower, garlic, and almonds. Dip to your delight with bread, pretzels, broccoli, tomatoes, and more. 


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