5 Skin-inspirations for the New Year.

Some skin and other inspirations for the new year.   If we all can remember and practice even a few of these, we’ll all be happier and healthier in the new year.

Skin-Inspirations to keep our faces and spirits relaxed. 🙂

  • Let’s remember kindness goes a long way.  Small daily acts, dollar contributions, time….it all helps.  Our eyes can smile with our masks on, and we can hold a door, and we can say a kind or funny word.
  • Caring for ourselves is essential. We can’t give well to others if our batteries are at less than zero.  Pick just one or two self care habits, and target them for a change in January.  I’m often surprised at how guilty our patients feel about healthy self care.  It must be a left over Puritan thing.
  • Send good energy from a distance.   We all have some energy bandits in our lives.  These are the people that leave us feeling drained or trigger thoughts of low self worth.  We are all precious in the eyes of the universe, nature, god, whatever we want to call it.  And sometimes it’s better to send love (or a least a good wish) in our thoughts from a distance, then to risk toxic interactions.  This is okay!
  • Skin is often a reflection of how we feel.  Stress, especially chronic stress, triggers all sorts of changes in our hormones and bodies.  We’ve noticed for many years that, when our long-time patients are going through really tough times, their skin reflects it.  Yes….great skincare products used consistently help.  There no doubt that correcting sun damage, old acne scars, and other signs of aging with lasers, radiofrequency and injectibles helps.  But let’s not overlook the rest of us and allow ourselves time to solve chronic stress problems.
  • Tolerance and nonjudmentalism help us and everyone else.  Who hasn’t, at certain moments, been very sure we’re right about something?  But are we?  We’ve never walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. The world may look very different to them. Perhaps remembering that we aren’t always right, and that others are very likely doing the best they can at any particular moment helps too.

Happy New Year Everyone!



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5 Skin-inspirations for the New Year.

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