A Hellish Week And A Hospital Stay

Y’all, Matt and I (but mostly Matt) have been put through the wringer these last few days. It all started last Wednesday (the 17th) when I was at my mom’s house for our usual Wednesday family lunch, and I started coming down with what I thought were allergy symptoms. That would make sense with spring in the air and the trees and plants coming back to life, right? I got a little worse Wednesday night, and then Thursday, those allergy symptoms had turned into what I thought was a full-blown head cold with a bit of chest congestion. It was a pretty miserable day, but I started taking all of the appropriate anti-viral supplements as soon as I got home Wednesday, and by Friday, I was pretty much back to normal. Then Friday, Matt started showing the same symptoms, and I figured we were in for a rough ride. When most people get sick with a cold, it’s miserable, but we can handle it. Matt is a different story. Since he has multiple sclerosis, any little sickness wipes him out completely. It’s about 1000 times worse for him than it is for me because his M.S. already renders him weak […]

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A Hellish Week And A Hospital Stay

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