A New Year, A New Strategy

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Remember when I said I was ready to hit the ground running in this new year? Well, evidently what I meant was that I was ready to hit the ground with a slow, leisurely stroll during which I’d stop at every available park bench for a rest. 😀 It would appear that during the last crazy year, I’ve forgotten how to work. 😀 I’ll try harder. I promise. And I do expect that my slow, leisurely stroll will gradually increase to a brisk walk, and possibly even a casual jog at some point. I can make no promises beyond that. 😀 But what I can guarantee you is that as long as I have projects to do in our house, I’ll continue sharing them here. Several times last week, I sat down to do my annual “Master List of Home Goals” for 2021. But after last year, and failing so miserably at making any real progress on my list or on the house, I decided to forgo the long, exhaustive list this year. That doesn’t mean I don’t have goals for the year. I’m just not going to make long, detailed, exhaustive, bulleted lists of every project that needs to […]

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A New Year, A New Strategy

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