A Small Color Change Can Make A Huge Difference

Well, I painted my breakfast room buffet again. This is the fourth time I’ve painted this buffet since I got it in 2015. 😀 So far, this buffet has been coral, black, dark purple, and now it’s an even darker and deeper purple. And I’ll paint it again in the future if I think it needs to be a different color. But for now, in its current position in this room with its current decor, I think its new color is perfect. I wanted to keep it purple because it works great with the purple benches in the room, and it ties in well with the living room. And both rooms can be seen from the kitchen. But the problem is that the purple that was on the buffet, which I thought was such a deep and dark purple, actually looked pale and washed out next to the new curtains in the room. I originally painted it purple for the original breakfast room remodel that I finished in 2017. It looked like such a deep and dark eggplant in that room. This color is Behr Voodoo. But when I started making changes to the room, and especially when I added […]

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A Small Color Change Can Make A Huge Difference

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