An Entryway Change & Sitting Room Rug Doubts

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I had hoped to have the sitting room (aka, breakfast room) completely finished by now, and be well on my way to having lots of wide angle pictures of all of these finished areas to share with you by now, but as always seems to be the case, I hit a little snag. I think. I’m actually not 100% sure. But first things first, I made a little change in the entryway. When I originally finished this area, the rest of the room was pretty far from being finished. Since the wall wasn’t balanced with anything on the other side of the room, I did a gallery wall with 12 framed bird images. I loved it as long as that was the only finished area in the room. But ever since I finished the rest of the room, I’ve wanted to pare down the number of pictures and add mirrors that will reflect more light into this end of the room. So I went on the hunt for interesting mirrors, and finally decided that I wanted arched mirrors. I finally found these mirrors on Amazon that were a pretty reasonable price, so I went for it. I like the calmer […]

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An Entryway Change & Sitting Room Rug Doubts

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