Astrologers Predict A Change Of Pace This Week — Here’s What That Means

Shimmering Venus is the star of the week—and couldn’t we all use a supersize dose of her peace, love, and harmony right now? Here’s your horoscope:

On Monday, February 1, Venus cools her kitten heels in Aquarius, a refreshingly chill change of pace.

After a tour through Capricorn, the celestial siren is moving into Aquarius and joining a rare cosmic cabal of the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury retrograde, who are already transiting through Aquarius.

Connections that form—or re-form, thanks to Mercury—with all this Aquarian energy afoot could break every rule in the book. Daring Jupiter entices us to experiment while Saturn wants clear agreements and a safeword before anything gets, uh, lubricated.

This Venus cycle is all about experimentation and renegade Aquarius is all about free love. So yes, things can take off in all kinds of unexpected directions. But with Mercury retrograde until February 20, don’t just hit the gas on those wild plans to, say, find a third “play partner” when you’ve been staunchly monogamous or experiment with bondage when you don’t even know how to untie a square knot.

Intellectual chemistry may be the hottest kind for the coming few weeks, so start high, then go low. Aquarius is the sign that rules technology, and Venus’ four-week stay in this sign bodes well for digital dating. The “click-through rate” is increased for us all, so log in and let the right-swiping begin.

This weekend, Venus hosts a couple of kikis, first with stalwart Saturn, then disruptive Uranus.

Early Saturday, the ringed taskmaster rolls up to take Venus on a ride and have a talk about The Future with a capital F. This soul-baring cosmic confab can inspire some no-holds-barred discussions about shared goals—or the vision of love that you hope to one day manifest. A romantic attraction, alas, is not enough to power the mill. Saturn calls for a compatible long-range trajectory. Couples may need to iron out agreements around mutual finances, schedules, and even how you individually guard yourselves against COVID.

Later on Saturday, Venus dukes it out with “you don’t own me!” Uranus.

Commitments that felt heartwarming earlier this week can suddenly feel as restrictive as a too-tight turtleneck. This feeling will be fleeting, so watch your reactions. You will regret doing anything extreme like breaking up in a parking lot after a stupid argument or ghosting a good one because you’re suddenly bored.

Need to shake up a flatlining relationship? Edgy Uranus sets the stage for experimentation. But choose a safe word and know what your natural limits are before you take any intimate risks. If willpower isn’t your forte, keep the messenger window open with your most levelheaded wing(wo)men who can talk you down from any trees before you make the climb.

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