Astrologers Say This Week Is Going To Bring A Heavy Dose Of Sensuality

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April 10, 2021 — 16:30 PM

With Venus moving out of Aries and into Taurus, we can finally expect things in the love department to settle down in the best way. Here’s what the stars have in store this week.

A sensual week is in store as Venus, the cosmic lovebird, nestles into tender, tactile Taurus on Wednesday, April 14.

Since March 21, the planet of amour has been kicking up her red soles in fiery, frisky Aries. While undeniably sexy, this restless energy also made it hard to settle down for the past few weeks. That all changes on hump day. As Venus slides into her home base of Taurus until May 8, she orders us to slow down and luxuriate. Stop pulling petals off those cherry blossoms and “just be.” It won’t take long for intuition to decide if you love them or “love them not.” If it’s all green lights, kick back and enjoy! With Venus at a home-court advantage in Taurus, the coming few weeks will be decadent, to say the least. The trick is to slow down and embrace the art of the old-fashioned courtship ritual. Log off the dating apps and meet for a cup of coffee or a walk. Leave handwritten love notes around for your boo, and drive to the place where you first kissed.

Splurges are sanctioned during this Venus cycle, as long as you indulge responsibly.

Chronic over-spenders should tighten up the purse strings, stat, because self-control will be scarce. Try saving your hard-earned cash for goods that fall into the “practical luxury” category, like investment pieces or anything handcrafted, high-quality, and with a lifetime guarantee. For couples, this Venus cycle is an ideal time to talk about how your values mesh. From the way you spend to your ethical belief systems, the planetary diplomat can keep these discussions peaceful and proactive.

Civility could go MIA this Friday, when bawdy Jupiter locks into a frisky trine with Mars, the planet of lust.

With both planets blowing through communicative air signs, your mouth could easily write a check that none of your other body parts intend to cash. Try your best to think before you blurt. You’ll avoid offending people or, worse, canceling yourself. If you want to have an open dialogue, lay some ground rules for discussions, for example, allowing people to interject if they’re feeling unsafe with the conversation’s direction. Once everyone’s on the same page, this could be one of the year’s best days for brainstorming. High-octane Mars in Gemini accelerates the vision of no-limits Jupiter in Aquarius, creating the perfect conditions for a new invention to be born!

True words WILL be spoken this Sunday, April 18, when the illuminating Sun greets expressive Mercury at the same degree of Aries.

This dynamic duo can bring out people’s fiery natures. Everyone wants the last word, but is a subject really worth debating like a death match? If no one’s willing to budge, you might as well be shouting at a wall. Nothing wrong with taking a stand under this fierce mashup. Just deliver your message, then let the chips fall where they may. Truly confident people don’t have to convince others to take their side.

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