Behold: Your Horoscope For The Last Full Week Of 2020 Is Here

It’s beginning to feel a lot like solstice! Here, the AstroTwins share what’s in store for an action-packed week in the stars.

This Monday, December 21, will the shortest day of the year for those living in the northern hemisphere.

Under the cover of darkness, you have a rich opportunity to turn inward and scan the landscape of your subconscious mind.

Carve out space to meditate, reflect, and find gratitude for the high points of your 2020. Yes, it’s been a hellscape of a year, but your inner resilience has probably grown by leaps and bounds. Clarify what you’d like to leave behind as you enter 2021—and what evolution you’re most proud to bring with you into the new year.

The winter solstice always coincides with the Sun’s move into grounding, elegant Capricorn. And since the celestial Sea Goat is the governor of goal setting, how perfect is it that we get to make our resolutions under these solar flares every year?

Just get a running list going in your Notes app for now so you can enjoy the holidays without feeling all that pressure to focus on a new decade of ambitions. Capricorn season rallies on until January 19, so you’re not going to lose your momentum (or your “high-pro glow”) if you ease into the build of your supersize visions.

Another major astrological event goes down on Monday: The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Every 20 years, these heavenly heavyweights meet at the same degree of the zodiac, in this case 0º29′ Aquarius. This is their first meetup in the Water Bearer’s realm since the 1400s—and the closest these two planets will be in the sky since 1623. So tight is their proximity, in fact, that they’ll appear as a single star in the night sky!

No-limits Jupiter expands; disciplined Saturn restricts. The red-spotted planet loves to gamble while its ringed next-door neighbor is all about cautious investing. When they combine their formidable forces, they make a paradoxical power couple. Paired up in revolutionary, “one love” Aquarius, the Great Conjunction could set off a powerful wave of humanitarian efforts, power-to-the-people uprisings, and sci-fi developments. As we’ve been predicting all year, this progress-oriented Aquarian mashup dovetails with the release of the first COVID vaccines.

On Wednesday, whatever’s simmering below the surface could erupt.

As in-your-face Mars in Aries clashes with volcanic Pluto in Capricorn in a fierce (90-degree) square, a cesspool of secrets could spew to the surface. Though half of you may feel like running for cover, good luck turning away from this hot (lava) mess.

The truth could be stranger than fiction, and it’s going to take a moment to digest it all. If something feels off, follow your intuition and investigate. Be as stealthy as a panther, however. Clumsily handled cases could give the secret keepers a chance to destroy key evidence. On a personal level, moods may be stormy leading up to Wednesday. Should your inner Grinch drop by for a visit, do whatever it takes to stay peaceful and centered, even if you ARE righteously incensed. Letting rage run rampant (a Mars-in-Aries pitfall) could bring a swift rebuke from vengeful Pluto. Under this dynamic mashup, risks—if warranted—should be calculated extremely cautiously. And don’t hastily jump into the middle of an argument or you could be signing up for weeks of aggravation.

Fortunately, this should blow over in time for Christmas as the Taurus moon takes the helm on both the 24th and 25th.

This traditional, luxuriating lunar vibe is right in line with the season, so find a way to honor family customs that have been a bedrock of Christmases past. Simultaneously, how can you upgrade your celebrations to the tech-savvy 2020 requirements? With geeky, inventive Uranus co-piloting alongside the moon, your tree-lighting ceremonies, unboxings, and pancake breakfasts can still be festive—even if you have to log in to Zoom for the fun.

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