Darker skin in the vaginal area……I’m indian and is there anything I can do?

Updated answer:

Okay I’m going to be very honest here because I do think this is a very difficult subject for women to discuss sometimes even with their doctors.

First of all and I know this will disappoint you in some ways, this is NORMAL! We all have slightly darker skin around our vaginas! I don’t know where this strange myth got started that we should all have this perfectly even skin tone. I get frustrated sometimes because what is actually completely normal has been deemed abnormal somehow.

Here’s what makes it WORSE:

  • Do not use hydroquinones on this skin, they are irritating and irritation will darken the skin
  • Do not use harsh cleansers or scrubs –  any irritation makes this worse
  • Do not use anything acidic – same issue
  • Surgery and lasers are not a good option on this tender skin – too many complications unless it’s just for hair removal
  • Rubbing can make the pigment more prominent including sex, horseback riding, and cycling, etc.  For example, I love to ride a bike and I’ve noticed on longer rides, the skin of the outer folds (labia) darkens a little.  I still ride my bike!

Here’s what makes it BETTER:

  • Realize that your husband/boyfriend totally doesn’t care about this. He cares about you and the way you make him feel, and he’s very likely (knowing men), to just be totally thrilled to be having regular sex
  • We women are way more self conscious than men – it’s likely he will never even notice if you don’t call his attention to it or act embarrassed. Sexy lingerie is fun and may help
  • Use only gentle cleansers and gentle moisturizing lotions
  • Avoid anything that rubs (will darken skin) like too tight underwear or jeans.
  • You can try – very cautiously – and one at a time (do a test area first), one of the new plant based lightening serum from MadisonMD .  I like ours better than Skinceuticals or Skinmedica because we have fewer potentially irritating chemicals, and works as well.

I really feel the need to point out that much of this comes from the porn and sex industry.  Most men have looked at porn at one time or another.  The porn/sex industry promotes females as shaved, and looking very young.  Females who work in the porn industry often go to specialized clinics to achieve a certain look to their vaginal areas.  Several of these clinics are in the Netherlands, but also in other countries.  My take on this is that we women are scrutinized …….our faces, our bodies, and now our genitals……too much as it is.  And we don’t need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of how we look naturally.

Hoping this helps you,
Dr. I

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Darker skin in the vaginal area……I’m indian and is there anything I can do?

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