Divine Timing Is On Our Side This Week, According To Astrologers

This is the week to put people first and trust in divine timing. Here, the AstroTwins break down the major astrological transits to be aware of.

This Wednesday, March 3, Mars is on the move again, zipping into buzzy, inquisitive Gemini until April 23.

Systematizing and organizing have basically been worldwide obsessions ever since driven Mars hunkered down in Taurus on January 6—and wrapped up an ultralong combat tour through Aries that started on June 27, 2020. After a chaotic, belligerent end to last year, here’s hoping you have found some comfort and serenity. And now, for something completely different!

Work and practical matters have taken precedence since 2021 began—and yes, there was a lot of business to take care of. But for the next seven weeks, people are the priority.

Check in with everyone, from BFFs to business collaborators: How is everyone really doing? Rather than fixate on results, find out what’s going on in their lives overall. Folks have been dealing with all kinds of circumstances, from work loss to isolation to stress. These authentic conversations may reveal ways that you could easily lift the burden for each other.

Ready to level up a project? New collaborators come out of the woodwork when Mars is in the sign of the Twins, turning solo missions into dynamic duos.

But this is an impulsive cycle! When the urge to merge strikes, test the waters with a short-term collaboration. That way, you can see where synergies lie…and where they don’t! Craving a change of scenery? Hit the road for a long car trip, or if you’re not location dependent, decamp to a second city for a month, just to mix things up. A friend might be down to swap apartments, or you could score a great rental. Just note that under this fluctuating transit, your mind could change, like hourly, so “short term” is the keyword to keep in mind!

If you’ve been struggling to put a genius vision into words, the “white light moment” could arrive this Thursday, March 4.

For the third (and final) time since 2021 began, clever Mercury syncs up with candid Jupiter in brilliant Aquarius. The seeds of inspiration were likely planted during this first celestial summit on January 11, but thanks to Mercury’s retrograde from January 30 to February 20, they didn’t take root immediately.

You may have abandoned the whole plan near February 14 when Jupiter and back-spinning Mercury connected. It would be worth it to flip through your journals, social media posts, and message archives.

What was on your mind near January 11 and February 14? And who was on your calendar? This could spark an important reminder to send a follow-up email or revisit a document that you started working on. Divine timing is on your side!

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