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Dear readers,

I’m excited to invite you to connect with me on Instagram at @drbrandith_skin. I’m grateful for your readership and skincare questions on SkinTour and think you’ll enjoy learning more about my passion for living an active life, as well as tips and tricks you can use to improve your skin and full-body health.

Being able to cut through the noise and share valuable, unbiased, professional advice directly with you is so important to me.

On Instagram, I’ve begun sharing even more expert insight for both men and women on anti-aging and skincare for those with active lifestyles. I post throughout the week and do a Q&A every Friday, creating another space for you to ask me anything.

It’s also a great space for you to share more of what you want to learn, see and get inspired by. I’ll also host giveaways and invite guests for takeovers and IGTV interviews.

Know a friend who’d like to get inside tips and feedback from me? Invite them to follow me @drbrandith_skin, too!

Wishing you a beautiful 2021.

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Dr. Irwin on Instagram

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