Easy DIY Acrylic Artwork (Guest Bedroom Progress)

finished artwork 2

I needed some artwork to go on the TV wall in the bedroom, so naturally, I made my own. I kept it super simple, and this is something almost anyone can do. This is the wall that needed the artwork… I didn’t want to take a lot of time or spend a lot of money on this, so I pretty much used what I had on hand, with the exception of one sample size of yellow paint. I already had four of my favorite white frames from Target on hand (you can find those frames here), so I decided to do four pieces of artwork so that I could hang two on each side of the TV. I didn’t even bother to do this artwork on separate sheets of art paper. The backs of the frames are very thick and smooth cardboard, so I just painted right on them! 😀 I started by brushing on a couple of coats of water-based primer… And then I brushed on two coats of my background color. I used the same paint that I used as the background on the feature wall. I brushed each coat in opposite directions, letting the first dry completely […]

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Easy DIY Acrylic Artwork (Guest Bedroom Progress)

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