Exactly How Long It Takes For Probiotics To Work, According To 14 mbg Reviewers

The Supplement Health And Well-Being Experts Recommend To Support Healthy Digestion

January 16, 2021 — 0:48 AM

If you experience consistent digestive issues—such as bloating, constipation, or diarrhea—you’re likely looking for some relief, and fast. You’ve heard that probiotics can be a solution to help support your gut and potentially calm your digestion, but how long do they actually take to work?



Four targeted strains to beat bloating and support regularity.*


In short, it really depends on a few factors, including the health issue you’re dealing with, your own personal biology, and the type of probiotic you’re taking. mindbodygreen’s probiotic+, for example, features four types of probiotic strains, strategically targeted at supporting overall gut health and managing digestive discomfort.* Plus, one of the strains improves whole-gut transit time and reduces gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, bloating, and nausea.*

Based on research, you should generally expect to notice some impact from probiotics within two weeks, with further benefits after six weeks.* But, again, those results can vary from person to person. While consulting the science is certainly helpful for predicting efficacy—we also value input from mbg reviewers who have tried our product firsthand. Here, 14 individuals share their own experience with probiotic+, and share just how long it took for the supplement to take effect.

“I felt results within the first week!”*

“Do yourself and your body a favor and order these right away. This is the first probiotic where I actually felt and saw an improvement in my digestion & gut health.* I felt results within the first week!* As someone with slight IBS this has been life changing. Basically all my symptoms are gone and that is worth the price! Thank you MBG.”

—Emma F.

“I noticed a difference in my digestion in a week.”*

“I noticed immediately within a week of being on this the difference in my digestive system.*”

—Pam L.

“After two days, my all overall bloat began to dissipate.”*

“So I went into this skeptical. After two days, my all overall bloat began to dissipate.* After about a week, I became more ‘regular.’*”

—Suellen C.

“I saw results within a week to two weeks.”*

“This product is so amazing. I saw results within a week to two weeks.* It’s so nice never being bloated anymore!* I’ve been recommending to family and friends nonstop.”

—Erica J.

“Three weeks in I noticed real changes in my digestion.”*

“I’ve been taking probiotics for about 5 years and never really noticed a real difference in the way I looked or felt. I just took them because I knew they were “good for me”. I started taking Probiotic+ at the beginning of February, and a week in, I started noticing a real difference in the way I felt ( less bloated and gassy, tmi but true) and three weeks in I noticed real changes in my digestion.* If you have digestive issues, this is the probiotic for you.* I am now on their auto-order program!”

—Ivete C.

“You can see result very quickly.”*

“I am a gastroenterologist and have used different types of probiotics. Few people in my family have problem with constipation and probiotic+ has been working very well for them.* You can see result very quickly and has been quite sustainable.* Very impressive.”

—Yao H.

“Noticeable gut changes within 2 weeks.”*

“Noticeable reduction in how my gut felt within 2 weeks.* I plan to keep using these probiotics for a while.”

—Joe S.

“It takes about 2 weeks…and then your life changes.”*

“I don’t see myself ever without these. I have struggled with constipation and bloating forever. I have a gluten allergy and thought it was due to that, but even without eating gluten I still had other symptoms. It takes about 2 weeks to have these in your system and then your life changes.* I really thought I would order the first month and, like with everything else, it would not do what it says. But I was mistaken and they really changed my life, thank you.*”

—Deborah F.

“My stomach is so much calmer after a month.”*

“I have been taking this probiotic for a little over a month and my IBS stomach is so much calmer with less pain, noise, bloating, and gas. Relief!”

—Linda D.

“Feel 100 times better after just a month.”*

“Seriously so grateful I found this probiotic! 3rd probiotic I have tried and it’s a game changer!* Feel 100 times better after just a month.*”

Abby B.

“I noticed a difference in my digestion after one month.”*

“After using this product for just one month I noticed a difference in my digestion.* Less gas and bloating.* Less of a heavy feeling in my gut. HIGHLY recommend.* Worth every cent.”

—Dianne M.

“For me, it took a while…but now, I will not live without these!”*

“I have purchased so many probiotics over the years, from basic self stable brands to expensive organic refrigerated brands…and nothing really worked to target my Ibs-C. Over the year I actually stopped taking them since I started to believe they were not effective with my condition, but I was wrong. THESE WORK.* For me, it took a while. Nearly two months to start to see a change, a decrease in bloating and more regularity, better digestion etc.* But I am now on the third bottle and I will not live without these! Thank you for a quality product.”

—Deanna M.

“Three weeks later, I started pooping every day.”*

“Since I have been a small child, I suffered with constipation., bloating, and gas. I have taken high-dose sennoside laxatives for the past ten years in order to relieve these issues. I was starting to think I would never go on my own again. Although the price point was higher than others, after reading reviews I had to try Probiotic+. Three weeks later, I started pooping every day. This is a miracle to me!!!!* If you’re not sure, try it. It can only help and is worth the investment in yourself!*”

—Lauren G.

“They show results after 2 to 3 weeks, but the full effect is slower.”*

“I really wondered if this was going to make a difference—yet gradually it has. It has corrected the excess gas, bloating, sense of “dis-ease” in my gut and also corrected my appetite.* Interestingly—less cravings, [and I] feel more satisfied after I eat. You have to take it for at least 2 months to see the effects, though they start after 2-3 weeks, the full effect is slower.”

—Martha M.


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