Hallway Makeover Progress

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Matt and I have finally moved from our temporary “bedroom” that we had set up in the breakfast room into the guest bedroom. That took way longer than I had intended, but the craziness of 2020 really got my focus off of house-related projects. And then at the beginning of this year when I finally did finish the bedroom, Matt reminded me that we still couldn’t move into the bedroom until I finished the hallway floor. So after finishing the floor in the hallway and giving it about a week for the polyurethane to cure, we were finally ready to move in. It’s going to take some getting used to. The breakfast room has three big windows, and the room always seems very bright during the day. Here’s how the room looked right after I finished it a few years ago… But the bedroom has only one window, and it’s shaded by the huge oak tree in our front yard. The room is very bright if all of the lights are turned on, but if we’re only wanting natural light (which we both prefer to turning on lights), it’s a much darker room than the breakfast room. So that will […]

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Hallway Makeover Progress

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