Home Gym Walls — Compromise & Progress

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I’m finally making some real progress on the home gym walls! It’s not as much as I had hoped to have accomplished by this point, but that’s because I took a detour (as often happens with my projects) before making the final decision on how I wanted things to look. A few days ago, I showed you three different options I was considering for the walls. The crowd favorite was clearly this option with the stripes in the middle of the walls, with white above and below. I was so glad that was the crowd favorite, because it was my favorite also. So earlier this week, I painted the darkest teal section on the main wall, which I showed you on Monday. And then after letting the walls dry about 36 more hours, I started taping off that design. I knew right away it wasn’t going to work. Living in an old house presents challenges that can be quite irritating for a perfectionist like myself. And living in an old house that sits on a pier and beam foundation that is always moving and shifting ever so slightly throughout the year can be enough to either make said perfectionist loosen […]

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Home Gym Walls — Compromise & Progress

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