How  Each Zodiac Sign Handles Chaos


You lean into the chaos. You thrive on drama and adventure, so you feel right at home.


You crack under pressure. When there’s a sudden, unexpected change in your routine, it takes you a while to adjust.


You’re flexible. You can handle anything thrown at you — but you’ll probably whine the entire time.


You’re the type of person everyone wants around in an emergency because you have protective instincts. You’ll make sure everyone around you is okay before worrying about yourself.


You’re a natural-born leader. You’ll detect the problem and work out a solution in seconds flat.


You’re the calm, level-headed one. While everyone around you is panicking, you keep a clear head.


You run around, making sure everyone else is okay. You think about the situation emotionally first. The logic comes later.


You freak out when something goes wrong. You feel like the world is ending and everyone is against you.


You would rather follow than lead than take the lead. You will wait for someone more informed to tell you what to do instead of working out a solution yourself.


You’re a pessimist, so you expect everything to go wrong. You’re always prepared.


You get quiet. You think about the problem deeply, but you don’t talk about it aloud.


You get frustrated whenever things don’t go your way. You’ll throw a fit for a while before you’re able to calm down. TC mark

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