How Each Zodiac Sign Is Underestimated By The Rest Of The World


Everyone assumes you’re heartless. They underestimate how far you’re willing to go for your loved ones.


Everyone assumes you’re childish. They underestimate how mature and responsible you can be when necessary.


Everyone assumes you’re an airhead. They underestimate how much you know and how wise you really are.


Everyone assumes you’re a pushover. They underestimate how forceful you can be when you’re passionate about an issue.


Everyone assumes you’re selfish. They underestimate the lengths you’re willing to go to for friends and family.


Everyone assumes you’re a loner. They underestimate how well you can adapt to social situations and how well you get along with everyone.


Everyone assumes you’re fickle. They underestimate how seriously you take your decision making.


Everyone assumes you’re a jokester. They underestimate how serious you can act when the occasion arises.


Everyone assumes you’re coldhearted. They underestimate how empathetic you are to the people around you.


Everyone assumes you’re standoffish. They underestimate how friendly and fun you can be once you get comfortable with them.


Everyone assumes you’re lazy. They underestimate how hardworking and dedicated you can be.


Everyone assumes you’re a drama queen. They underestimate how calm and collected you usually are. TC mark

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