How to Pick Up the Pieces of 2020 and Courageously Create a Life You Love

Everyday, as a coach, I have the honor of supporting high achieving women through their own personal reinventions. These times of transition arise from failed marriages, feeling stuck in unfulfilling jobs, being overworked, recovering from an illness, moving into a new decade in life or sometimes just wanting something new. I think we all can agree that regardless of what 2020 gifted you, a reinvention for us all is in due order.

So, how do you pick up the pieces after a year that brought both sickness and health, joy and  pain, and everything in between? This is what I am going to support you in doing today.

I know how it feels to be emotionally exhausted and visionless. In fact, at various points in my life I have felt downright overwhelmed and lost – but because of the power of self reflection, self discovery and empowered action, I have been able to pick back up the pieces and manifest a vision that embodied life fulfillment and helped me to make a mark on this world that I am both proud  of and enjoy.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

So, for the women reading today, who feel like you are spinning and not gaining ground, I want you to know, that it is time for you to regain control and create a life that you want to live. This new year requires it. Your success requires it. You deserve it.

A woman who has a vision in place that integrates all that she is with all that she does and begins to live a life on purpose – is a woman who is free. So I have 5 steps to support you in picking up the pieces of 2020 and stepping into 2021 like a Queen.

1. Create a life plan that guides your life

Most of us are flying through life by the seat of our pants. Our work, relationships, personal and spiritual lives are almost like singular buckets – which can cause a lot of stress. We start to wander through life aimlessly hoping that at some point things will come together. When you have a life plan that is grounded in a concrete vision for your life – and you have a blueprint where you can clearly see how all of the pieces strategically come together to support your purpose – you experience a sense of ease, enlightenment and fulfillment.

2. Get present and improving your life plan daily

This does not mean that you are writing feverishly every day working on a thesis document that guides your life, but it means that you are giving yourself the space to learn more about yourself each and every day. The power of presence is priceless – so jump into that meditation series every morning, set aside time for prayer, or mash two potatoes with one fork and do yoga to make progress on your body and mind goals at one time. A present mind is a clear mind.

3. Incorporate radical self care to keep you fueled

You have to fill your cup, before you have enough reserves to fill the cups of those around you. When we are in lack, we make decisions that represent how we feel about ourselves. Self-care helps you to put your body, mind and heart back in balance and gives you time and space to be poured into.

“Create your day in advance by thinking the way you want it to go, and you will create your life intentionally.” – Rhonda Byrne

4. Establish habits that support you in becoming your best self

What rituals, routines and habits do you currently hold? Do they help move you towards creating a life that you enjoy? Do they support the goals that you have for your life? We are what we consistently do. So if you have a goal of feeling healthier in your body, step up the water habit, put in place a walking schedule, start small and align your daily habits with the direction you want to see your life moving in.

5. Make room for community

This season of isolation has elevated our common desire to share our light with others. Even the most introverted have craved being around people, laughter and good conversation. When our lives are overflowing with love and fulfillment, we cannot help but share the good news with others. So make space for people who are aligned to your vision and create a life you love in community with them. When the tide rises all boats rise. Let’s all rise up together.


Holding an Ivy League doctorate with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Dr. Satterwhite is on a mission to help more Women CEO’s experience joyful success as they make their mark. Dr. Satterwhite stumbled into social entrepreneurship as a young 25-year-old CEO and founder of a multi-million dollar school and has been coaching leaders of million and billion-dollar agencies since. She believes that women particularly experience significant challenges in the start-up world and need dedicated support. At her company today, She Heals The World, Dr. Satterwhite trains and certifies business coaches worldwide in order to help more “everyday” entrepreneurs have access to community and high-quality coaching as they build their dream.

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How to Pick Up the Pieces of 2020 and Courageously Create a Life You Love

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