Lamp Makeover & Framed Wall-Mount TV Finishing Details

lamp makeover before and after

I’m almost at the finish line on this guest bedroom makeover, and I’m focusing on all of the final little finishing touches. I wanted a lamp to go on the dresser, but instead of buying a new one, I decided to use one I already had. It was a cute little lamp, and there was really nothing wrong with it at all. It just seemed a little dull for the room. So I jazzed it up with some new clean white and gold paint and golden yellow fabric for the lamp shade. I had originally purchased this lamp to use in the hallway bathroom, and I used it in there for quite a while. But then when I did the colorful makeover on that bathroom in 2019, it didn’t really go in there anymore, so it went into my stash of extra stuff. So I got it out to use in this room. Many time, I can just tape off different areas of a lamp to paint them. But since this one had that glass section with the interesting shape sitting on the metal base, I didn’t think I could tape it off good enough to get really sharp lines […]

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Lamp Makeover & Framed Wall-Mount TV Finishing Details

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