Living Room Update – No More Puddled Curtains

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I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead and finish my living room before jumping into the much more extensive hallway and home gym projects. The living room is so close to being finished that it’s ridiculous to keep ignoring it and putting it off. The first thing on my list of finishing touches for the living room was the curtains. You might remember that I broke all of my own rules with these curtains. My rules are (1) always use appropriate home decor fabric (never use apparel fabric for curtains), (2) always use drapery lining, and (3) always sew them properly with blind hems and hidden stitching. Well, when I found this beautiful pink stretchy polyester suiting fabric, all of my rules went out the window and I was determined to make it work. I didn’t line them because sewing lining to a stretchy fabric seemed like a really bad idea to me. And I didn’t use blind stitching because doing that on stretchy fabric was a real nightmare. But when I originally made them, I also didn’t hem them because I was unsure how the stretch of the fabric would affect how the panels hang over time. So […]

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Living Room Update – No More Puddled Curtains

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