Mark Your Calendar: Astrologers Predict Romance Will Rev Up This Thursday

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Astrologers predict romance will rev up this thursday

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This week starts off with some friction, but by Thursday, we’ll all be feeling the love. Here’s your complete horoscope from the AstroTwins.

Difficult dynamics can make it hard to concentrate on much this Monday, May 31.

Rather than pretending everything’s “fine,” sit down and discuss any friction you’re experiencing. For the first time in two years, soul-searcher Neptune in Pisces flows into a simpatico trine with emotionally aware Mars in Cancer. Not only will this amplify compassion, but it also helps everyone express challenging feelings with grace.

And with both planets occupying water signs, it’s easier to read subtle cues like body language and eye contact (or lack thereof). But no glossing over red flags! And make sure you have a safety net in place before you follow those impulsive moves that Mars is known to arouse. It’s fun to go with the flow, but the buzz wears off quickly if said “fun” damages relationships with the reliable (while perhaps less exciting) people in your world. 

This Wednesday, amorous Venus switches gears and joins dance partner Mars in sentimental Cancer until June 27.

Variety was certainly spicy in May! But now, words like “comfortable” and “reliable” are back on Cupid’s favorites list. Seduce with words of security: “Wanna move in together?” or “Hey, I cleared out a drawer just for you” or “My mom can’t wait to meet you!” are great starters.

Looking for love? Let your inner circle play matchmaker for you while Venus and Mars sing this dynamic duet in Cancer’s sotto voce style. Their suggestions might just hit the mark this time. Under these sentimental skies, you could reconnect to a childhood sweetheart or linger in conversation with the cutie next door. 

Whether you’re single or spoken for, it is officially nesting season. Cancer rules the domestic realm, and Venus is the astro-aesthete. Start sourcing with Pinterest boards, then go forth and decorate once Mercury turns direct on June 22.

And if you’re looking to attract love into your life, try a little feng shui. Locate your love corner with a bagua map—and check out our Home Reset Course to learn other ways to unblock energy and manifest love. Attached? Feather your cohabitation station to cuddle-worthy code. Spending time at home is sexy, whether lounging, gardening, slow-cooking gourmet meals, or getting creative on a shared reno project.

On Thursday, amorous Venus in Cancer sings another dynamic duet, this time with generous Jupiter in Pisces.

This big-hearted energy only lasts for a couple of days, but while it’s here, it makes us all suckers for amour. Sweet-talking Venus and naughty Jupiter can bring some world-class flirting, NSFW sexting, and randy pillow talk. Whoosh! With “leap first, look later” Jupiter magnifying Venus’s amorous effects, romance could take off at an accelerated pace—and maybe one that’s a little too fast? Ride the brake if things start careening onto the romantic racetrack. Good things come to those who wait.

Since Jupiter is the global nomad and cross-cultural ambassador, this is a great week to diversify that dating portfolio.

Couples should use Thursday’s nudge to book a romantic getaway—and lucky for the both of you if you happen to be in a far-flung locale on this day. Need to broach a touchy topic? Thursday couldn’t be more ideal. Diplomatic Venus softens candid Jupiter’s straight-shooting edge, ensuring that even the toughest sentiments to express won’t get lost in translation. Meet over dinner and dive in.

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