Master Bathroom Plans – The Overall Look

master bathroom plan - the overall design

As you’ve probably noticed, our master bathroom project was delayed, but it looks like we’re on track to start very soon. I’m actually glad it was delayed, because that gave me a bit more time to nail down the design plan for the room. I had been collecting all of these ideas and specific products on the browser on my laptop, and then when my computer crashed last week, I lost all of it. So it’s taken me a while to locate everything again, and while I’m still missing a few key elements, I thought I’d share with you the direction this bathroom will be taking. Here’s a general overview of my selections to show you the overall look… First of all, most of you probably already know about the mural that I purchased for the wall behind the bathtub. This is the jumping off point for all of my other selections for the rest of the room. On the rest of the walls, I wanted something that would give color and texture without taking away from the mural. I considered things like grasscloth, but in the end, I decided to try to do a Venetian plaster-type look. It has […]

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Master Bathroom Plans – The Overall Look

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