Master Bathroom Progress & Decisions

Things are progressing so nicely in the master bathroom! In fact, they’ll start on the drywall TODAY! And when drywall goes up, that’s when it really starts to feel less like a construction zone and more like a real room nearing completion. But as of this morning, this is what it looked like… The Hardi Board is on the floor, and as soon as the seams are taped, the floor will be ready for tile. The vanity wall needs four more junction boxes for the sconces, and then it’s ready for drywall. The exterior door that will eventually be an interior door leading to the master bedroom has been moved over so that it’s even with the door on the other side that leads to the home gym. And they went ahead and put the framing in for the future pocket door. I had them do this now because I was afraid that if we waited until we do the bedroom addition to frame for the pocket door, there would be a real chance that the master bathroom walls might get damaged. That’s precisely what happened when I had the exterior door removed from the breakfast room and replaced with […]

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Master Bathroom Progress & Decisions

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