Master Bathroom Vanity Considerations (With Accessibility In Mind)

master bathroom progress with subfloor

Our master bathroom remodel is moving right along. They’re in there working as I type, and the subfloor is almost completely installed. That means it’s looking more like a real room, and very shortly, there will be no more dirt under the house visible when standing in the room. That’s always a good thing, right? 😀 Since I’ll be building the vanity, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to exactly what we need and want, and exactly how I want it to look. Here are the various things I’ll have to keep in mind: Matt’s side will need to be built with accessibility in mind. This is incredibly challenging because… There’s no way I can live with a bathroom design in which the two sides are asymmetrical. They MUST be symmetrical for my sanity. Matt uses a wheelchair, but he’s tall (13 inches taller than I am). I’m obviously not in a wheelchair, but I’m short (exactly 5 feet). So we’ve determined that a finished height of 32 inches will work for both of us. So those are the non-negotiables. What I’m not so sure about right now is whether I want that wall to have one long, continuous […]

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Master Bathroom Vanity Considerations (With Accessibility In Mind)

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