Merry Christmas! 10 Original Santa Jokes for You 😱 🎅🎄🤶

Merry Christmas! 10 Original Santa Jokes for You 😱 🎅🎄🤶

(Warning: We never said these jokes were any good…)

How did Santa do on his performance review?

—> He absolutely sleighed it!

And did the elves finish all their work projects on time?

—> Yep, they wrapped them all up quite nicely!

What about the reindeer, they must be exhausted…

—> Yeah, they’ve been hoofing it all year.

Did all the reindeer wear face masks?

—> Yes, because they didn’t want to infect anyone as they flu through the skies.

Is it true that some of the presents got delivered by drones this year?

—> Yep! Some of the elves wanted to practice their remote working skills.

Why did Santa use just 3 of his reindeer this year?

—> Because he experiences a lag in bandwidth if they all try to Zoom at the same time.

What about the little elf … why couldn’t she ride along with Santa on the sleigh this year?

—> Because Rudolph insisted that all middle seats should remain empty during December flights.

Why did the reindeer all get tired during the flight?

—> I guess Santa forgot to give them all a proper stimulus check before takeoff.

Why did the elf spend just 50 cents on gifts this year?

—> He was dreaming of a tight Christmas.

Does Santa’s workshop offer a 401(k) matching program?

—> Unfortunately not, but all the workers are making good use of their Elf Directed IRA!


Sorry for the lame jokes. I made all these up, so some don’t make much sense.

I wasn’t planning to post anything today … Really just wanted to wish you beautiful peeps a very Merry Christmas and say thank you for reading my stuff. 

We talk about money a lot on the blog. How to make it, save it, invest it, and use it to get the most out of life. But money isn’t really the most important thing in life. Love is what makes the world go around. And I truly hope you are prioritizing it accordingly. 🙂

Wishing you and your loved ones very happy holidays. 

Love, Joel (and everyone behind the scenes on the Budgets team!)

Me and my bestest friend aka wife!

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