New Sitting Room Rug and Planned Changes

I kind of left y’all hanging with the sitting room rug debacle. The last time I mentioned it, the rug was lost and the delivery date was being rescheduled day after day after day. Well, it finally arrived. And I love it. If you’re confused about the room I’m talking about, it’s our breakfast room. And if you’re wondering why I’m changing it, I’m doing so at Matt’s request. He wanted a place where he could have a recliner and a TV, so I am temporarily changing the breakfast room into a sitting room, and it will stay this way until we build our addition to include a large family room where he will have very comfy seating specifically for him, and a very large TV. But with building supplies at astronomical prices and somewhat scarce right now, we have no idea when that addition will happen. So for the foreseeable future, Matt has a comfy recliner and decent TV in the sitting room (i.e., breakfast room). And to answer the most-asked question about this transition, we do still eat our meals in that room. 🙂 Matt does quite well eating in his recliner, so not having a table hasn’t […]

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New Sitting Room Rug and Planned Changes

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