One Day You Will Look Back On This Time In Your Life And All You Will See Is Magic

One day, many days from now, you will look back on this time, and you won’t remember how stuck you felt, or how far behind you thought you were, or what you wished you would have done differently.

All you will see is that every step was leading you to a place you did not yet know existed.

All you will see is that every detour was actually a redirect toward the life you were already asking for.

All you will see is that within your uncertainty was also potential, and within your lostness was also the opportunity to be found, and in feeling uncomfortable was the chance to see what you needed to change, and in changing it was the moment at which you became who you were going to be.

When you look back on years past, the struggles you endured slowly smooth out to stories, stories of your resilience, your bravery, the odds that were against you, the wild life you lived.

When you look back on years past, you see how your journey was weaving you to an end point, a place at which you’d turn the page and begin a new narrative.

And when you look back on years past, you often realize that the universe was not keeping you stuck anywhere. You were not in a holding pattern that you had to heal your way out of, you were not waiting for anything to begin. You were where you were because it’s where you felt you needed to be. There was something within that moment, inside that experience, that you wanted to have. And so you had it.

You had it even if every other conscious thought in your mind was telling you to move forward, your soul still made you stay still until you learned what you needed to know, and healed what you needed to release, and realized what you needed to see, and became who you needed to be.

One day, you will look back on right now and you will see the exact same thing.

I know it feels impossible, when nothing makes sense and everything is up in the air and the horizon is so far in the distance, the light is just faint enough to convince you it exists.

But it will happen faster than you think it will, just as every other experience in your past has.

Imagine where you were three years ago, and then two, and then just one.

Those people probably don’t feel the same, those lives probably don’t seem congruent to one another, and yet they were, and they will continue to be.

For as long as things take and as much as we often feel we are left waiting, the truth is that things move fast, and this will, too.

So try with every ounce of your being to at least consider if there is any opportunity in front of you that you may not ever get again, even if that opportunity is just rest, even if it is just the chance to sit back and think about your life and where you’d like it to be.

If you are able, dance when the music plays and savor every little thing that comes your way.

Because as quickly as the struggles will pass, the good times will, too.

And you’ll arrive at the next milestone, relieved and proud, grateful and gracious, and you will assimilate back into your old worrying patterns, and you will be afraid that the next mile ahead of you will never come into form.

You’ll forget what the years have taught you, which is that no matter how hopeless it seems or how far you think you have to go, there is a plan, even if you can’t see it, and there is a breakthrough, even if you can’t feel it, and there is an end date to it all, even if you don’t know it.

If there is not one single thought that can comfort you in your darkest, quietest nights, please let it be this — one day, you will look back on this time, and all you will see is magic.

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One Day You Will Look Back On This Time In Your Life And All You Will See Is Magic

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