One More Month

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Okay, y’all. I’m back. I didn’t quite mean to be gone that long, but I just needed to check out for a while. Are any of you feeling like 2020 has been using us as punching bag? That’s kind of how I feel. And then when our precious Peeve (our 17-year-old calico) died, that was the final gut punch to finish me off. Matt didn’t handle it so well, either. And when he has some sort of emotional trauma, it affects him a thousand times more than it does us relatively healthy, able-bodied people. M.S. is a strange thing like that. So when that happens to him, he requires much more of my time and attention. And to cap off this epically strange and horrible year, I learned that I have to have oral surgery to have a dental implant. A tooth with a decades-old root canal and filling gave way and cracked completely in two, so now I have to have it removed and replaced. What a perfect way to cap off this year, huh? But I’ve decided that as much as I’d love to completely check out and drown myself in sleep, food, and Hallmark movies for the […]

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One More Month

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