Over 60 & Struggling To Sleep? Try This Research-Backed Bedtime Hack

Study Finds How People Over 60 Can Improve Their Quality Of Sleep

April 26, 2021 — 22:34 PM

The sleep struggle is real—especially for those over the age of 60 who are more prone to insomnia. Thankfully, researchers have figured out a simple bedtime hack that can help. 

A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society says that listening to calming music at least 30 minutes before bedtime can improve sleep quality in people over 60.

The results came from a combination of multiple randomized control trials (five, to be exact) with 288 total participants. Each trial found that listening to calming music, for at least four weeks, can be a safe and effective way to improve sleep quality in adults 60 years and older. 

The studies compared the effects of calming vs. rhythmic music on sleep quality. And while calming music seemed to act as more of a sleep aid, both genres were still more effective than falling asleep without music. 

But what exactly is the distinction between rhythmic and calming music? According to the study, calming music has a slower tempo and a smoother melody, whereas rhythmic music tends to be louder and have a faster tempo. (Think: classical vs. pop music). 

Listening to relaxing music for at least 30 minutes to one hour before bedtime helps to promote better sleep by slowing your heart rate and breathing pace, while also lowering blood pressure—all of which help decrease stress levels and anxiousness

While listening to music before bed may feel calming in the moment, don’t be surprised if you still need a cup of coffee or a midday nap for the first few days. According to the findings, the actual benefits on sleep quality may not show up for at least four weeks. 

So, make sure you have your calming bedtime playlist queued and ready to go—consistency is key here. 


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