Roadblocks and Frustration

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I had high hopes that I’d show up today and have some beautiful and colorful home gym walls to show y’all. Well, things didn’t really work out that way. I worked hard on Friday and Saturday getting the ceiling and walls in that room primed and painted so that the walls would be good and dry on Sunday afternoon, when I planned to add all of the beautiful colors. So by the end of the day on Saturday, I had a white ceiling (Behr Ultra Pure White), and white walls (Behr Polar Bear), and a blank canvas for Sunday. I took that picture when the walls were wet, which is why you see that shiny spot. I always use eggshell or flat/matte on my walls, so when they’re dry, you don’t see any shine at all. After I got all the walls painted, I brought in my fan (that sounds like a jet engine and circulates a ton of air) to make sure the walls would be ready for lots of painters tape the next day. So yesterday afternoon, I was so excited to get started on the fun stuff. I started by taping off the main section between the […]

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Roadblocks and Frustration

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