Strong Facial Muscles and Facial Exercises. Can they create wrinkles?

This is fun topic because we all use our facial muscles.  And even though we can’t see them so much due to these masks, they are still working under there.  I love expressive faces, like the French and Italians.  Even muscles configurations and facial expression patterns can be inherited from our parents.  It’s helpful to look at them to see how we might age.  A couple of thoughts.

Facial exercises

Generally the muscles that we can exercise voluntarily can cause more lines.  Imagine trying to frown more with either your forehead or by pulling your mouth down.  Maybe not such a great result.  Smiling is important, so who cares if we get a few crow’s feet as a result?  Botox/Dysport are the best ways still to soften lines or prevent most facial lines of expression.  The gadgets that claim to exercise your facial muscles might help with lymphatic drainage, but they don’t produce a more attractive face, however we want to define that.  I’ve had patients use them occasionally with an early Bell’s palsy, or when totally over Botoxed. They can keep the muscles more active while recovering.

Wrinkles and strong facial muscles

If you are very expressive, even more important to find a great doctor/nurse injector.  Because you’ll still want to look like you, but better.  Over relaxing facial muscles will make you look rigid and stiff.  Under relaxing facial muscles won’t help with the problem.  It’s the skill and eyes of the provider here that are important, not the product itself.  You want balance.  Botox/Dyport alone will not fix deep lip lines and crow’s feet in our 50s and beyond.  You may need a combination of, for example, Botox, fillers, and lasers to get optimal results.

Good skincare products won’t take away these lines, but they do help to maintain your improvement, and to prevent more lines. See my recommended skincare regimen.

Home treatment gadgets

These sound so great, don’t they. I’ve personally tried many over the years, as have our patients.  The only one I’ve seen consistently used for longer than about 3-6 months was the Clarisonic.  That was an ingenious rotating cleansing tool that really did clean pores better.  Kind of like a gentle, larger toothbrush for your face/neck.  All the others seem to end up in the drawer after a few months.  I think it’s because it’s very hard to do something every day when you really don’t see any improvement. To be fair, companies have to make these devices weak so no one will damage their skin with them.  If someone has a wonderful one, please do a shout out on my Instagram account.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin



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Strong Facial Muscles and Facial Exercises. Can they create wrinkles?

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