The 9 Best Nutrient-Packed Foods To Relieve A Hangover


January 1, 2021 — 10:34 AM

Oh, 2020. For a once-in-a-century-pandemic, it’s fair to say that such an unprecedented year has left us feeling “a little-too-much” overall. The world as we know it flipped upside down, and how we celebrate and spend our holidays together at this time of year are no exception. But while navigating this holiday pandemic might look (and feel) different this season, there are still plenty of joyful and healthy ways to ring in the New Year.

If pouring yourself a glass of wine or popping some bubbly are part of your festive plans, we’ve rounded up nine good-for-you, recovery-packed foods that can further restore balance and help your body break down any boozy remains lingering in your system. Because when it comes to festive drinks, there are multiple ways to make the healthiest pre- and post-celebratory choices that help us cope with this “too-much” pandemic sentiment, and curative foods might just be one of them.

Packed with several vital minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients is coconut water, the sweet-tasting liquid found in the center of young green coconuts (also known as “pipa” water in some Spanish-speaking countries). As a diuretic, alcohol can easily pullout water from your system, causing you to pee more often and thus depleting your body’s fluids. Drinking coconut water can help offset and prevent alcohol-induced dehydration, making for an excellent low-calorie, low-carb, and electrolyte-rich liquid option.

Adequate fluid intake isn’t only critical to keep hydrated but to support the liver’s health too. Drinking alcohol in excess can lead to liver injury and a reduced ability to properly process alcohol’s enzymes. Tomatoes contain potent anti-inflammatory compounds (hello, lycopene) that might protect against liver damage and liver cancer development. 

A high-quality protein source is a compelling superhero in helping your organism break down the adverse byproducts of alcohol metabolism. Versatile, tasty, and cysteine-rich, eggs are a great way to restore your body’s glutathione levels and possibly improve your hangover symptoms.

What do mangoes, bananas, and watermelons have in common? Beyond sharing a common tropical heart, these fruits are fiber-packed, potassium powerhouses that are easy to digest and can boost your digestive system’s ability to process and eliminate alcohol out from the organism. Need some tropical fruit inspiration? Try this lovely mango-lentil recipe.

The high fructose content and anti-intoxicating qualities of honey can help ease out hangover signs by eliminating alcohol from the body faster, a study shows. Although research on this subject is lacking, honey’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it a promising, sweet option to nourish your body’s post-drinking healing efforts.

This leafy green veggie is a must when it comes to restoring your body’s nutrient levels après alcohol. Spinach is rich in folate (folic acid), vitamin K, and chlorophyll (to name a few), which are all vital components in helping your organism turn food into usable energy and reinvigorate from within.

A nice, steamy cup of ginger tea might just do the trick to make your belly smile and body recoup for drink-provoked sickness. Widely known since ancient times for its digestive, anti-inflammatory benefits, this herbaceous perennial is thought of as an effective, antioxidative remedy for nausea and hangover-related stomach discomfort

It’s no wonder that having a hearty, belly-hugging bowl of oatmeal can further fight off the troublesome remnants of a boozy feast. Oats are nothing short of a food superstar when it comes to their fiber-loaded, complex carbohydrate content and high amounts of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Oats can help with hangover symptoms by providing a slow and steady sugar release into the bloodstream and improving fatigue or tiredness feelings.

Following oatmeal’s blood-balancing properties are the magnesium-rich benefits of nuts. Almonds, walnuts, and cashews are among the several kinds of nuts that will not only satisfy your protein quote but help you revamp your body’s magnesium levels and keep those hangover symptoms at bay.

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