The MadisonMD Skincare Products

Thank you both so much.   Okay……..full disclosure here……I moved last month and life turned into temporary chaos.  So I’m really behind on catching SkinTour up on many things.   I’m hoping you all can bear with me as we fix things over this next month!

Am I using the MadisonMD products?

Yes…….most of what I’m using now is MadisonMD.   I’ll try to get my regimen updated this week!  I’m using them because they work really well, produce results, and have better (less chemically) bases than the other medical grade skincare products, and don’t cause irritation which helps skin glow.  I’m excited about the fact that at our clinic, we’ve only had 1 patient react to one product.  And she’s allergic to almost everything.

Also, I’m working slowly to add more to the line.  But I’m picky about labs and production, so it always takes longer than I want it to.  🙂

Is the MadisonMD line for men?

Yes…..very much so.  It’s designed to work well for everyone.  It’s important to me that this is a medical grade line that is inclusive.  It works well for all genders, skin types, ethnicities, and ages.  We really try to message that in our imagery.  Skin is such an amazing organ and we all have different challenges with our skin.  But interestingly, those challenges relate mostly to age, oil or lack of it, hormones, etc.    Beautiful skin is obtainable for everyone.

Is MadisonMD for active people and athletes?

It is and we are just  starting to develop some products more specifically focused on active people who spend time outdoors.  It’s usually fine in our 20s right?  And then that UV damage starts to catch up with us in our 30s and beyond in the form of skin blotchiness, loss of elasticity, sagging, wrinkles, and skin cancers.  I have some patients in their 30s with skin cancers already.  Most of this is preventable with a little more consistent skin care.

I hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin


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The MadisonMD Skincare Products

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