The Shockingly Easy Trick To Nail A Perky, Luscious Ponytail For Any Hair Type

The Shockingly Easy Trick To Nail A Perky, Luscious Ponytail For Any Hair Type

If you envy those who can throw their hair up and land a perfectly voluminous ponytail, well, same. My ponies tend to read flat or frizzy—the strands never seem to cascade effortlessly, like the perky ponytails I so dreamed of. To that end, I typically avoid the style altogether; a low bun or braid requires much less of a lift—quite literally. 

A recent TikTok, though, may have just changed my mind. (All hail the app’s treasure trove of beauty hacks!) In the video, user Kirsty Hollick uses nothing but a humble hair tie to nail a lifted pony—no products, no hot tools, no prayers the style won’t hang limp as soon as you turn your head. Friends, this may be the easiest ponytail trick in the book. 

A helpful hack for a perky ponytail, every time. 

The best part about this ponytail trick: It works for any hair type, with any hair tie. Hollick uses a scrunchie, but it could also work with a silk elastic, hair bungee, or any other tie you’ve got (find our favorites that won’t cause breakage here). See, the key is splitting your hair into two sections before securing your last loop—which you can do with any sort of hair accessory. 

A scrunchie may provide the most lift, however, since the hair can rest on a thicker material, but feel free to test your favorite elastic with the steps below: 

  1. Gather your hair into a ponytail at your desired height. You can either use a brush to smooth out the roots or, if the thought of taking a brush to dry strands makes you shudder, simply rake the strands back with your fingers.  
  2. Grab your hair tie of choice, and start to secure your ponytail as usual. 
  3. Before your very last loop, split your hair into two sections. Flip the top section above your head to get it out of the way, then “tie the last part of your [hair tie] around just the bottom half of your pony,” Hollick explains. 
  4. Flip the top section back over the pony, letting it rest naturally on top.

There you have it: “Extra lift and volume!” Hollick says, sporting one voluminous pony. From there, feel free to dress up the look how you please—you can always keep it polished and neat or snag a few front wisps loose, like Hollick, for a more lived-in style. 

Again, the simple hair tie trick works for every hair type: For fine-haired folks, it creates the illusion of thicker hair; for those with denser locks, it defies gravity, keeping the pony high at the crown without sliding down. 

A simple ponytail is one of the most elementary hairstyles. And yet, it can be difficult to master: If you’ve avoided ponies for fear of flat, weighed-down strands, try this easy hair tie trick to keep it looking lifted and luscious.

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