The Surprising Way You Should Apply Concealer To Fill Out Fine Lines

We’ve said it before: Applying concealer is no one-size-fits-all sort of venture. Someone looking to neutralize dark circles may need an entirely different technique than those looking to disguise puffy eye bags—there isn’t one magic tip that works for everyone’s unique needs, and you may want to test a few tricks to discover what technique truly has staying power.

All that to say, concealing fine lines requires a slight tweak. It takes a great deal of precision to cover up those tiny folds without coating on layers of product, which is no easy gig. Behold, this genius tip from makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran.

A makeup artist’s trick to apply concealer on fine lines.

If we could stamp a slogan on this trick, it would read: Less is more.

In terms of products, “Choose concealers that are lightweight as opposed to thick and creamy,” says Jaikaran. “These enhance creasing and can create buildup on the face.” Sheer instinct may have you globbing on layers of a creamy product to mask those lines, but heavier confections can often sink into the folds and look caky as the day goes on.

A weightless formula (try this airy option, from Kjaer Weis), glides on effortlessly and ultimately helps the area appear naturally fuller. “Less is more when it comes to cover-up on mature skin,” Jaikaran once shared with mbg. “Evening out skin tone should be priority ahead of hiding wrinkles.”

As for the application bit, again, a little precision goes a long way. Jaikaran recommends spot concealing: Instead of sweeping on an even layer of concealer (either in half-moons or upside-down triangles), place little dots of product on the eyelids, inner corner of the eyes, and any other areas you’d like to cover up. “Use a tiny amount of concealer on a small fluffy brush and lightly buff these areas,” Jaikaran notes. 

Start slow, applying more dots if you need, and remember to buff it gently between each layer. That way, the product fades into the skin quite nicely without separating. 

When it comes to applying concealer on fine lines, it’s oh-so easy to create creases or a caky finish. But with Jaikaran’s tip? Not so. With a less is more mentality, you’ll have a much more efficient and natural-looking payoff.

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