This 3-Ingredient Dairy-Free Passionfruit Pudding Is Packed With Protein

Just when we thought avocados were going to be the most surprising thing we’d find in a pudding recipe, the internet went and proved us wrong. The battle of getting a perfect plant-based dessert just keeps getting less complicated, and this recipe from Pierce Abernathy on Instagram is proof that you can have your vegan pudding, and some protein too.

In place of avocado or another creamy non-dairy ingredient, Abernathy reaches for a protein-packed vegan fridge staple: tofu, specifically silken tofu. “I get it, sometimes tofu can be bland,” he says in the video, “but use that to your favor.” Per ounce, tofu offers about 2 grams of protein—meaning a serving of this pudding is likely to have anywhere from four to six grams of the macronutrient. According to Abernathy’s post, that boring tofu flavor is the perfect base for adding other things, making this protein-packed ingredient a surprising dessert superstar.

For flavor, he uses fresh passion fruit pulp—seeds and all. And don’t worry: “If you can’t you can’t get your hands on fresh passion fruit you can use store-bought passion fruit pulp.” This dessert only requires three simple ingredients ingredients, it’s plant-based, and comes together in less than 10 minutes. On top of that: it doesn’t require any cooking. Though Abernathy also tops the pudding with a sugary passion fruit sauce, personally we’d just use the reserved fresh fruit as is for a fun, naturally sweet topper.

Vegan Passion Fruit Pudding

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