This Awful Year Could Actually End On A High Note, According To Your Horoscope

12/23/20 Astrologers Have Spoken: This Awful Year Could Actually End On A Positive Note

December 26, 2020 — 22:05 PM

Vintage Veuve isn’t the only thing that needs to be chilled in the final days of 2020. This week, your horoscope gives you permission to relax like it was at least your part-time side hustle.

Tuesday, December 29, features a full moon in warm, fuzzy Cancer—a bookend for 2020 along with the January 10 lunar eclipse.

No surprise, this eclipse kicked off this very Cancerian year of dealing with home and family in wildly unexpected ways. (Not for nothing, but there was also an ultrarare doubleheader of Cancer new moons in 2020: the June 21 solar eclipse and July 20 new moon.)

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Sentimental times are ahead this week, but be forewarned: Emotions could bubble up and spill over like a well-shaken bottle. If the vibe is all love with your people, there couldn’t be a better moment to effuse! But if you’re exhausted from coordinating Zoom unboxings and playing mask police at holiday gatherings, take a timeout before the ball drops on 2021.

Tempering emotions is not a hallmark of this full moon. Cancer is the zodiac’s homebody, so this is the perfect end-of-year moment to stay in fleece pajamas, puttering around and working on creative projects. Or, doing nothing but being in your feelings. Pour pancakes on the griddle and nibble them while watching a new series while randomly scrolling. As you’re recharging, pay attention to who pops into your mind—in a good way! Fire off a happy holidays meme and set up a time to talk…later in the week. These heart-melting moonbeams can set the stage for closer connections in the new year!

Keep the love goggles off this Wednesday…and the rose-colored glasses, too.

You won’t need them to see the world through a rose-tinted lens as quixotic Venus sings a dynamic duet with fantasy-spinner Neptune. When these dreamy planets square each other twice each year, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s an illusion. It’s wise to look twice (make that three times) and take a deeper cut at anything that’s moving along at a faster-than-expected pace. With Venus in global Sagittarius and Neptune in nomadic Pisces, we’d hardly blame you for wanting to jump in your ride and go…anywhere!

While a pre-NYE day trip could be fun, this is not the time to chance crowded spaces or indoor gatherings. Mother Nature may provide the perfect backdrop for romance; just make sure your outdoor gear is weather appropriate.

As this bizarre and unprecedented year draws to a close (at last!), you may find yourself in optimistic spirits.

For this, you can thank the moon glowing in festive, flamboyant Leo on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. While most people will be staying in, who says you can’t still make your celebrations as colorful as the ROYGBIV rainbow. Dress to the nines and dance in the living room with a streaming DJ set.

Leo is a fire sign, so throw some logs in a pit and make a list of all the things you’re leaving behind in 2020—the burn, baby, burn ’em. Yes, that might take a lot of paper, but once you’ve released it all into the flames, use the purified space to set bold intentions for 2021.

What would you like to add to your greatest-hits list for the next calendar year? With the Sun in ambitious Capricorn and the Moon in can-do Leo, aim high and follow your heart!

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