This Is What A Swimsuit Supermodel Eats In A Day For Fuel & Glowing Skin

This Is What A Swimsuit Supermodel Eats In A Day For Fuel & Glowing Skin

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August 13, 2021 — 14:31 PM

We stress this here at mindbodygreen all of the time: Every single body is unique and has its own needs. Now this is especially true of diet and nutrition. Not only do our bodies react differently to foods, but we all have our own taste preferences and lifestyle demands. When you look at diet through all those variables, you’re going to get a wide variety of outcomes.

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And when I spoke with supermodel Kate Bock on a recent episode of Clean Beauty School, she felt similarly. “It took a while to find the balance. And I think a lot of people—whether you’re a student, working a job, or have a family and kids—everyone has busy lives. And everyone wants to feel their best and look their best. I think a lot of people are really hard on themselves, but it does take a minute to figure out what you put in your body, what’s going to give you good energy, what’s going to give you clear skin, what’s going to make you feel good, what’s going to give you your best life or your best self,” she says.

So all that said, sometimes it’s fun to look into what people consume day to day. Not only can it be a source of inspiration (who doesn’t love to learn a new recipe or way to use an ingredient?), but sometimes peeking into others’ lives can be oh-so-satisfying.

Here, what the Sports Illustrated cover model eats in a day.

Kate Bock’s go-to meal plan. 

“Eating clean really guides my whole self for the day, for the week, for the month. It’s the thing that really runs my life. Eating is really the primary source of energy, skin clarity, and feeling good in my body and self,” she says. “People always want a secret pill—but there’s not. Just eat clean, that’s your miracle!” 

  • Stay hydrated. Certainly not the only way Bock cares for her skin and body, but she does stress how much of a priority she puts on staying hydrated and drinking water. “When I’m not feeling my best, I usually know that means I need to drink more water,” she says. “I drink tons of water—not flavored water, not juice, just lots and lots of water.” 
  • Breakfast. “I am habitual with my morning breakfast; I eat the same breakfast every single day, and it makes me feel great,” she says, noting she’s not only a regular early riser—but always makes her bed. We, too, love consistency. Her breakfast of choice? Simple: “I make two eggs with some olive oil on them with either avocado or a vegan nut cream cheese that I really like. And my coffee,” she says. All of this is followed by a workout. 
  • Lunch. No sad lunch salads for Bock. “Lunch is typically a big salad. I’ll buy chicken thighs, marinate them, and make a bunch for a week. We keep them in Tupperware in the fridge so you can always pull out a piece of fresh chicken ready to go,” she says. (Supermodels meal prep, too!) “And then I put on toasted pine nuts, toasted chickpeas, toasted almonds, avocado, olive oil, all on different mixed greens.” And when she bores of salad? “I make lettuce wraps with that chicken—so lunch is always something with greens.”
  • Snack. “I usually always need a snack because sometimes I don’t get to eat dinner until late,” Bock says. Her favorite to have on hand is one we love, too: Abby’s Better Nut Butter. “It’s hard to find easy snacks that don’t have too much sugar or additives, but these are delicious and have tons of flavors. They also have little squeeze packs, so I take some with me when I’m on the go—like when I go to Kevin’s [Love, professional basketball player and her fiancé] games or if I’m traveling considering airports don’t have the healthiest of options.”
  • Dinner. While her other meals tend to be fairly consistent, dinner is where the variety happens. “We’ll usually do a protein like chicken, fish, or steak—and then we just get creative with it! I make a really good beef Thai salad. I love Thai food so much and get inspired by Thai dishes often,” she says. (Check out this Pad Thai Salad recipe should you feel inspired to craft up a Thai dish tonight, too.) And with dinner, should she feel she wants a glass of something extra, she says she loves Pompette: “It’s a beautiful hard sparkling water that is so light and clean, it doesn’t feel like an indulgence.” 

What we put into our bodies changes the way we feel, how much energy we have, the way our skin looks—you name it. That’s why Bock pays such close attention to it. “I love food,” she says. “I eat what fuels me and feels good, move my body and stay active, and it all balances out.” 

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