This Supplement Is Like A Jade Roller For Bumpy Moods*

Most of the time, bad moods have a clear trigger: an upsetting headline, disappointing news from a friend, a busy day at work, a poor night’s sleep. On occasion, they can feel like they come out of nowhere, and tracing them to their root requires some real effort.

Whatever the cause of your less-than-sunny mood, mental health experts say it can often be improved (or at least, dulled) through some combination of healthy food, exercise, rest, a long walk, and self-inquiry.

While not a treatment for a mood disorder or a cure-all for poor sleep or diet, hemp multi+ is yet another tool to add to your repertoire to keep your emotional life a bit steadier.*

mbg formulated the supplement to help the body and mind be more resilient to stressors.* Here’s the logic behind the formula and how it can help maintain balance through the ups and downs of a normal day.*

The research on hemp and mood.

As you’ve probably already gathered, hemp multi+ contains hemp extract, a nonpsychoactive extract of the industrial hemp plant that shows promise in managing stress.*

The product’s hemp extracts are full-spectrum, meaning they contain a variety of types of beneficial plant compounds called cannabinoids, the most well-known and well-researched being CBD.

So what’s this got to do with mood? In animal studies, CBD has been shown to ease anxiousness, thanks to the way it interacts with certain neuroreceptors.*

In human trials, it shows promise in steadying stress levels and improving outlook too.* In one 2011 double-blind study, participants who suffered from social anxiety disorder were given either CBD or a placebo right before a public speaking test. The placebo group presented higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort than the CBD group.*

Research on how CBD affects the brain found that it seems to increase the activity in the brain region that mediates stress.*

There’s still a lot we don’t know about how CBD and other cannabinoids in hemp can alter our outlook. Since hemp products are very low in THC (the cannabinoid in marijuana that makes people feel “high”), their effect on the brain is likely gradual, and their impact is in part mediated by the way they interact with our body’s peripheral nervous system.*

Whatever the mechanisms, hemp and the other ingredients in hemp multi+—vitamin D, hops, rosemary, black cumin seed, clove, and black pepper—do seem to bring on the calm, and they work better together.*

“When I started taking it, I found myself a little bit more at ease and peaceful after a busy day, when typically I’d be carrying a lot of tension,*” personalized medicine doctor Molly Maloof, M.D., writes of her experience with the product. “Overall, I noticed a general lessening of minor annoyances and stress.*”

Another hemp multi+ devotee, Samantha Schwartz, says that it’s changed the way her body reacts to stressful thoughts and circumstances. “The big difference is that now my anxious thoughts, while still lingering, don’t cause me to have a physical or mental response,” she writes.

A consistently bad mood is reason to see a mental health specialist, as “it could be that enough stress has accumulated to feed into some depression,” psychologist Dorian Crawford, PsyD, previously told mbg. But for those everyday ups and downs in mood triggered by outside stressors, hemp multi+ is here to have a steadying effect.

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