This Week’s Astrology Forecast Is An Extrovert’s Dream

This Week's Astrology Forecast Is An Extrovert's Dream

With Leo Season in full swing, it’s been easy to get swept up in the moment, enjoying spontaneous diversions and pursuing only what sparks your passion. Here’s how this week could shake things up, according to the AstroTwins.

As integrity-hound Saturn opposes the Sun on Monday, we’ll start to crave a bit more structure.

Pull over for a pit stop to make sure you haven’t strayed too far from your intended path. Don’t worry: You won’t be stuck in park forever. Just check your internal GPS and strategize carefully before you make your next big leap. 

Ask yourself this: Am I representing myself in the best possible light? If your “branding” could use polish, tap the Leo Sun’s style and creativity to finesse your visuals. Then, let visionary Saturn act as your astrological auditor. With the ringed taskmaster in techie Aquarius, look to see: Are your apps and systems snuff? There may be a savvier process to explore. Are you being inclusive and conscious of the diversity of your team?

During this annual opposition, how you go about doing things matters as much as the final outcome you produce. Examine your motives before putting yourself in the public eye because this transit can deliver some tough ego checks. While the Leo Sun promotes showmanship, Saturn gives rewards based on merit. If you can bring the sizzle and the steak, you will hit the right mark!

On Tuesday, creative solutions emerge from the ether as peacekeeping Venus in Virgo flows into a harmonizing trine with innovative Uranus in Taurus.

If you’ve been bound by red tape, you could make a clean break from a myopic group whose small-minded opinions make you fume. This forward-thinking mashup draws together people who want to change the world for the better—and not just for a select handful of folks. Been stuck in your comfort zone, romantically speaking? Thanks to this boundary-busting mashup, love knows no limits. Keep an open mind and see where you’re led. Single and looking? Soften your focus on Tuesday and you could swoon for someone refreshingly unlike your usual type.

Longtime couples can bring back some sizzle by adding experimental plans to the shared calendar. But don’t wait until the weekend. What “wouldn’t it be crazy if?” evening plan can you pull off in the first part of the week?

On Sunday, August 8, the annual new moon in Leo turns the world into a glamorous catwalk.

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If you’ve been having trouble charging up your inner power source, this lunar lift pours fuel into your generator. Do something to reconnect to the creative and romantic parts of your personality. For many people, that might begin with a weekend of doing less of most everything and letting yourself roam as freely as a lion on the savanna. A relaxed mind (and body) is the muse’s favorite vessel.

And if you’re already percolating with a million great ideas, get into action! Book studio time, set up a profile on a dating app…or an ovulation app since the annual Leo moon spotlights fertility! The Leo new moon traffics in first impressions, and that raises the question: How do you want to shine in the world? Start rehearsing your act, and your answer could earn you a standing ovation in the coming six months.

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