Top 3 Budget Face Washes Under Rs 500 Available in India 2021

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I have often been confused about face wash as a product. I like drugstore face wash brandsĀ  but they come with the hazards of parabens and SLS and on the other hand, I have tried out many natural face wash brands from under-budget face washes to the most pricier ones and ended up liking some and not so much the others.

What do I look for in a face wash?

Choosing a face wash was not easy for me. I have tried different products over the years and never really stuck to one except the ones listed above. So, let me share what I look for while trying or deciding on a new face wash. I consider face washes to be essential but not splurge-worthy products so I am good with budget face washes.

1. Should Only Cleanse the Skin

Believe it or not, I have come across face washes which do not make you feel refreshed. A good product should clean your face well and get rid of blackheads. It need not remove your makeup and it need not scrub your face. But, it should definitely remove the last remnants of your makeup remover, cleansing oil or cleansing milk, whatever you use to remove your makeup or sunscreen.

Did you know? You should remove your sunscreen with a makeup remover or cleansing oil. The ingredients used in a sunscreen have an oil base and do not mix well with water. Therefore, washing with soap and water is not effective in removing it completely.

2. Be Gentle on the Skin

Since I started the blog in 2009, I have been hearing about the harmful effects of chemicals. Though I do not subscribe to the entire theory of parabens accumulating in the body or other chemicals getting absorbed by skin especially when you would wash it away in just 2-3 minutes, I would definitely agree that we should use or at least try to use less chemicals to reduce the environmental burden and resort to sustainable living. Therefore, I actively look for face wash which does not have SLS/SLES/ALS/ALES though I do not really mind parabens.

But, I would definitely like to point out that products having SLS/SLES/ALS/ALES are not necessarily harsh on your skin or hair.

3. Not Leave any Residue

Have you ever felt a face wash leave a thin film on your face after you are done cleaning? This is one of my pet peeves with any face wash which does that. No, it is not moisturizing and it certainly does not feel like my face is clean. I like my face wash to give me a clean and refreshed feel once I am done. Though, it should definitely not leave it ripped off in the name of cleaning it well. That also happens!

Whenever I am testing a face wash, I leave my skin un-moisturized and I see how it feels after using the face wash. If the skin feels too stretchy without a moisturizer, face wash is too drying for my skin. However, if the skin feels a little dry and can be managed with or without a little moisturizer, I am good with the face wash.

So, let me share 3 budget range face washes under Rs 500 available in India which I really like.

Top 3 Face Washes

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash

1. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash

Price : Rs 349 for 100 ml

Availability : Mother Sparsh Website / Nykaa / Amazon / Firstcry / Flipkart

I got an opportunity to try this face wash very recently. The texture of the product is a little different than what I am used to. It is a thick transparent gel and smells really different, sweet because of vanilla oil and a little spicy due to tejpatra oil. Being a fan of warm spicy smells, I kind of like it. The product has a unique ingredients list.

Apart from perfuming the product, vanilla oil also acts as an astringent to combat acne. Tejpatra oil and pudina calms down the damaged skin and inflammation. Coconut oil is one of the best cleansing oils and it helps the skin moisturize while it is removing the dirt and oils. As opposed to parabens, Mother sparsh face wash uses Sodium Benzoate. It has glycerin, avocado oil and almond oil to rehydrate the skin while it cleanses and these oils are oily-skin friendly. All the ingredients are aimed at improving the hydration levels of the skin and infusing minerals thanks to the Earth Marine Water.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash

The face wash is suitable for all skin types from dry to combination to oily. Thanks to its texture, it will not harm the oily skin either. It improves the skin cell turnover by removing the dead skin cells and fights free radicals which contribute to the aging process. Skin feels refreshed, supple and bright after using the face wash.

2. Ponds Anti-Pollution Face Wash with Activated Charcoal

Price: Rs 200 for 100gms

Availability : All Drug Stores / Supermarkets / Online Websites

I think this product was released in 2017 sometime and since I have started using it, this has been my go to face wash. It has myristic acid as the main ingredient and it cleanses really well, leaves the skin soft and hydrated and once you have followed up with a moisturizer, you do not really need anything else. It removes the blackheads so that is a major plus.

Read the complete review.

3. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

Price : Rs 400 for 200ml

Availability : All Drug Stores / Supermarkets / Online Websites

Neutrogena deep clean face wash has been a prime favorite of people with oily skin though it has SLS and with good reason. It does not lather much, is extremely gentle on skin and removes blackheads and clogged pores in one go. It also suits combination-oily and combination-dry skin really well in summers. It has salicylic acid which makes it all the more better as a cleanser.

Read the complete review.

To summarize, if you have been looking for the perfect face wash just like me, I would recommend you to filter your brands, budget or otherwise, on their ability to cleanse your face, degree of gentleness or harshness and ability to not leave any residue on your face. Happy face washing!

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