Uneven Pigment- Can it be Improved? (Part 2/2)

So now you’ve been doing all the essentials. (See last week’s post for the these.)  And you’ve done them for at least 2-3 months consistently, and it’s better (or at least not worse), but you’d like more improvement.  Here are more thoughts and tips. Seeing a board certified dermatologist could also be the best appointment you’ve made for your skin. We really can help with complicated pigment problems. Why? Because you need to know the root of your problem.  Is it melasma (more hormone driven), is it sun damage, is it skin irritation from products, is it one of your meds, or a combination …etc.?

A few key points to remember:

  • There is no single product or device that can cure pigment problems. It takes a village. 🙂
  • High zinc sunscreen (10-20% depending on activities) needs to be your BFF forever.
  • In the summer, or on sunny vacations, the goal is to not make it worse.

More advanced tips for uneven pigment:

  • If you are pregnant or using any estrogens, your body is extra prone to pigment issues. Even more important to do everything you can to prevent this from getting worse, so it doesn’t become a permanent problem.  See your doctor or gynecologist to get off oral estrogens or birth control, and find an alternative.
  • This sounds crazy…but make sure your hat has the biggest brim you can for the activity your doing. They help!
  • You can double sunscreen.  I’m an outdoor person and I do this all the time.  I layer one of the high zinc powder sunscreens OVER my high zinc lotion sunscreen.  See our shop for suggestions.
  • Carry sunscreen with you…yes… in the car, your bag, your bike jersey, a running pocket…you get the idea.  I love the small stick sunscreens for this or the powder tubes.
  • Remember that UVA is the real villain when it comes to pigment. UVA goes through window glass, including car windows.
  • Lasers are not advised unless you’ve seen a dermatologist.  They make some pigment problems better and others worse.
  • Peels are generally not advised unless done by a dermatologist.  They make some pigment problems better and others worse.
  • Microdermabrasions and Hydrafacials are generally safer for pigment than lasers or peels.  Still be careful though.


  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Plant based lightener like those mentioned above
  • Antioxidant like our Triple Antioxidant or CE Ferrulic
  • Moisturizer if needed
  • High zinc sunscreen and a hat


  • Gentle cleanser
  • Plant based lightener like above PLUS your prescription hydroquinone cream
  • Second antioxidant application – you can use the same one as in the AM
  • Moisturizer if needed
  • Both a niacinamide cream and a Retinol or tretinoin (if not actively in the sun).

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin

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Uneven Pigment- Can it be Improved? (Part 2/2)

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