We’re In For Lots Of Love Lessons This Week, Astrologers Predict

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August 28, 2021 — 14:02 PM

Sweet harmony! This week kicks off with a fun-loving transit—before transitioning into a dizzying clash. Here’s what to know.

Relationships are the talk of the town starting this Monday, August 30, as messenger Mercury wings into collaborative Libra.

Communication can make or break our bonds. While Mercury hovers in this harmonious sign until November 5, we can sharpen our messaging and our listening skills.

But get ready: This extra-long transit includes a retrograde from September 27 to October 18. Brewing tension could explode into lovers’ quarrels during these three signal-scrambling weeks. Don’t wait until issues erupt like an active volcano. Start sorting through differences now, perhaps with some pro tips from late Libra Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication. This conflict resolution method emphasizes deep listening and compassion for ourselves and others. And who couldn’t use a little bit of that right now?

Mercury’s retrograde is known for drawing in people from the past—and while backspinning in Libra, that list is likely to include bygone lovers. Are they toxic exes or “the ones that got away”? It might take until November 5 to sort that out. If you do reopen those doors, proceed with caution. 

Got a fashion statement to make? As Mercury moves on to luxe-loving Libra, we can stop clutching our pearls and start pricing out ethical diamonds. Fashion them into a statement necklace (this Mercury cycle is like Astrological Fashion Week) or a special ring since Libra is the sign that rules the wedding industrial complex. And how about a peace treaty? Petty squabbles could dissolve under this harmonious wave, paving the way for long-overdue compromises. But giving an inch doesn’t mean letting people take a mile. Keep the scales balanced with an equal flow of give and take.

Thursday’s clash between hard-driving Mars in Virgo and nebulous Neptune in Pisces will pull us like taffy in opposing directions.

While we want to play by the rules, temptation will be equally hard to resist. Setting boundaries won’t be easy—and we might reconsider the harshness of certain “rules” we’ve set. But easy does it! The wrong people can tug on your heartstrings or get you to drop your guard. Spilling confidential information is a bad move on any day, but the effects could be especially detrimental near Thursday. Even if you trust people implicitly, they’re still human. Keep that juicy gossip in the vault! 

On Sunday, it’s best to not act on instinct when amorous Venus crashes into a complex square with Pluto, the planet that rules the unconscious.

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Whether it’s a mommy issue or a daddy lesson—or something else inexplicable—our reptilian brains may be guiding our choices. Pluto is the projector planet, and its influence can cause us to ascribe qualities to people that aren’t actually real. Falling in love with people’s potential instead of seeing them for who they truly are? With rose-tinted Venus throwing in a curveball on Sunday, we’re all susceptible to that. If you sense a spark, by all means, explore it. But if the intrigue takes you down a taboo trail or an endless rabbit hole, do an about-face, stat! 


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