What Each Zodiac Sign Forgets When They Have A New Crush 


You forget about your fears. You take a chance on this person even though they could hurt you.


You forget about your exes. You start to heal from past heartbreaks because you’re in the process of moving on.


You forget about your responsibilities. You can’t focus because your mind is always on this person.


You forget about your standards. You start settling for less because you really like this person.


You forget about your past heartbreaks. You jump into this new love with full force.


You forget about your insecurities. You feel strong and unbreakable and on top of the world.


You forget about your work. You start placing more emphasis on your love life than your career.


You forget about your friends. You ignore them to focus on your new love interest.


You forget about your problems. Everything feels easier now that they’re around.


You forget about your common sense. You think with your heart instead of your head.


You forget about your doubts and restlessness. You suddenly feel excited for what the future holds.


You forget about your beauty. You start second-guessing yourself because you’re worried your crush won’t like you back. TC mark

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