What Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Like As An Aunt 


You’ll be the aunt who they feel comfortable talking to about dating and partying.


You’ll be the aunt who runs around the yard, playing silly games with them that other adults are too mature to take part in.


You’ll be the aunt who accidentally curses in front of them and gets along better with them as they grow older.


You’ll be the aunt who spoils the kids rotten and always shows up with toys or games or money.


You’ll be the aunt who shows up to every graduation, school play, and rehearsal.


You’ll be the aunt who recommends them music, shows, and books because you have similar tastes.


You’ll be the aunt who buys them clothes and teaches them how to apply makeup.


You’ll be the aunt who takes them everywhere with you and brings them on tons of adventures.


You’ll be the aunt who only really sees them on the holidays — but who they consider their favorite.


You’ll be the aunt who helps them with homework and teaches them about the world.


You’ll be the aunt who lets the kids get away with murder and never disciplines them.


You’ll be the aunt who texts them more than they text their parents. TC mark

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