What Happens when You Wear Sunscreen Everyday?

wear sunscreen everyday, sunscreen, skin cancer
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Recently, I observed a few moles coming out on my arms. You must already be aware that the development of new moles is usually not a good sign. It can indicate skin cancer at the very worst. When you wear sunscreen everyday, you can save your skin from such drastic changes usually.

I was really concerned since I have not been using sunscreen for the last two to three years at the very least. And, I can definitely say that if you do not wear sunscreen everyday, it shows up pretty easily on your skin. I have seen the effects of not wearing sunscreen everyday.

How sunscreen affects the skin if you wear sunscreen everyday?

Skin Aging Stops

Okay, this is an overstatement. But, if you wear sunscreen everyday, you would have already noticed your skin looking younger, firmer and definitely less wrinkly, especially around the eyes and lips. The deep wrinkles or lines or even laugh lines can be filled up by regularly using sunscreen.

Helps Keep your Skin Hydrated

Actually, sunscreen itself acts like a barrier and protects your skin. In the meantime, it also helps improve the barrier function of the skin and helps prevent your skin from losing moisture and lipids in the longer run. This is not a one time effect but something you will notice gradually over a period of time as you wear sunscreen everyday and regularly.

Allows your Night-time Treatments to work well

You can use the best anti-aging creams but they would not work if you are not complimenting them with protecting yourself in the sun. In fact, you can not use retinoids and AHA’s for your skin unless you wear sunscreen everyday religiously. Using these ingredients make your skin sensitive to sun damage.

If you are wearing sunscreen everyday, your night time treatments and retinoids also work really well. What I have often observed is that the deep wrinkles in the skin also fill up slowly once you start putting sunscreen and use the proper anti-aging products or even regular facial oils. Not wearing sunscreen regularly or even using it sporadically can lead to skin damage and wrinkles.

The quality of skin is very deeply affected and none of the antioxidants and treatments work for longer time in such cases. More serious than that is the chance of skin cancer. Did you know that now skin cancer is also covered under cancer insurance plan. The advice to use a sunscreen is no longer merely a scare tactic to get you to use a skin care product and multinationals to mint money.   

wear sunscreen everyday, sunscreen, skin cancer
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Do’s and Don’ts for Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen everyday will provide a lot of advantages. But, before that, you must know how to wear sunscreen. I have mentioned these points at various times and places on the blog but repeating the important information never hurts.

Wear Enough Amount of Sunscreen

Always buy a spf 30+ sunscreen for everyday use. And, make sure you apply a coin sized product just for your face and neck. If you are not using enough sunscreen, it will not be able to protect your skin.

Use Sunscreen on All parts of your Body

Using it on face and neck is not enough. You must use sunscreen on your arms, legs and other exposed parts of the body. And, you must apply the same amount of sunscreen everywhere – a coin sized product each for both arms, legs and other exposed parts. Make sure to carry your sunscreen while you are going swimming and apply it as soon as you are out of the pool.

Makeup and Moisturizers with spf are not Sunscreen

Sunscreens are formulated differently than other products. Never confuse skin care products with spf as sunscreen. They are not designed to protect your skin as well as the sunscreen even if the ingredients seem to be same. Likewise, makeup and bb creams with spf are not enough. For lips, use lip balms with higher spf but keep on applying them as frequently as possible.

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My Recommendations for Sunscreen

Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block : Absolutely my favorite and more affordable. I love to use this on my body as well as my face. If I am getting an expensive sunscreen for my face, I use this for my body.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Face Fluid Dry Touch : This is something I tried out last year and it is an amazing sunscreen for the face especially. It is matte and not really heavy, blends well and looks great. Protection is also amazing.

Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector: Absolute favorite but extremely expensive! I really love this and if you can afford it, it is amazing for the face. It sits well, less white cast and does not make the skin oily at all. Lasts pretty long and reapplication is also easier.

For now, my list is limited. I hope to update it as and when I like something I have used. I have started using sunscreen again so expect more posts and reviews.

Till then, Swathy.

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